How Can 2D Animation Prove as The Best Marketing Tool for a Company?

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Cynthia Moreno

15th June 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Marketing plays a pivotal role in communicating your company’s story.

Creative and compelling marketing techniques not only help you to stand out but also contributes immensely to a business’s growth and development.

Provided the fierce competition from a similar business, and changing marketing trends, as an entrepreneur, it is essential to keep digging and exploring innovative ways to keep up your marketing momentum.

One tool that businesses have been using increasingly is 2D animation.

Video marketing is being used by many companies

Lately, Video marketing is being used by many companies because they are easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging. A statistic revealed that video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text. This allows companies to enjoy a huge potential return on investment (ROI)

To beef up their marketing game, and set a strong foothold in their respective niches, companies have started incorporating 2D Animation into their marketing strategies.

Why would 2D Animation that has been prevalent in kid’s TV make such an impact in the corporate industry?

2D Animated videos are arguably the most versatile marketing medium available today. They save a lot of extra costs for finding suitable locations and hiring actors. All you are supposed to do is to come upwith a relevant idea to convey your brand story,engagingly.

If you can’t afford an animated video production because you have just started your business, lookup for free, open-source softwares such as Pencil2D Animation and experiment building relevant, on-brand characters yourself. After all, little efforts go a long way.

Using 2D Animation As The Best Marketing Tool


For the best results, some established companies take help from professionals who provide 2D Animation Services. They create the best 2D Animations based on the type of business and the niche it operates in. The smart use of vibrant colors and dynamic character movements is what makes the message engaging and memorable.

Let’s delve deep to find out how 2D Animations adds value to a company’s marketing strategy and results in increased sales and growth.



Do you ever wonder why kids are so obsessed with cartoons? Why do we still find Tom and Jerry fascinating?

Well, the answer to these questions is simple. The animated, vibrant graphics shown in the cartoons are appealing. The movement of the characters excites the eyes and therefore makes the content interesting to watch.

This ability of 2D Animation to capture and hold a viewer’s attention works wonders for the companies. The company’s search engine optimization (SEO) increases due to the increased traffic generated by the animated videos. According to the statistic mentioned above, the search engine naturally favors video content. Therefore, the videos that create maximum traffic are more visible online, driving more traffic to your company’s website and leading to increased sales and conversions.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what a video is worth. Animating information makes it more exciting and more comfortable to convey to a broader audience.

According to a statistic, 65% of people understand and learn better through visuals, so when information is shown in a visual format, viewers comprehend the information better and process it in relatively less time.

This makes conveying complex topics such as training instructions and highly technical information convenient for prospective customers to understand, and they are more likely to make a purchase – leading to increased chances of sales and profit for the business.


2D animation is a combination of a mix of graphical elements, voice-overs, and text, which, if used effectively, stimulates interest in the potential customers’ minds and enables them to process and understand the information on a better level.

Businesses often go for animated video production because they are capable of establishing a strong connection between the viewer and the company. People usually prefer watching explainer videos to understand a procedure rather than reading plain text. The animated character in the explainer video profoundly engages the viewer, leading the viewer to comprehend the message quickly.

When a viewer experiences something engaging and memorable, it is more likely to stay in peoples’ minds. This gives the brand a competitive edge because every time the consumer thinks of a product or service, your brand’s name may be the first one to pop up in their minds. Since you managed to set a strong position in their minds, they are most likely to buy from you – leading you to increased sales and profit margins.


Compared to live-action video content, 2D Animation videos are much cost-effective. This means that you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with renting locations and hiring actors. The cost you would have otherwise spent there could be used for other purposes, for example in buying improved and advanced machinery.

Apart from proving to be beneficial in terms of monetary value, 2D animated videos have a relatively long life. They can be edited over time according to the type of occasion or advertising campaign,so the video looks modern and up to date.  For instance, you don’t have to worry about doing separate promotions on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. All you are supposed to do is to hire professional 2D Animation services and ask them to make changes accordingly.


With people being socially connected at all times, content is something that’s being continuously shared. Interesting content has higher chances of getting shared. When people share something online, that’s mostly because it’s relevant, relatable and something which defines them as an individual.

Videos and images take the most form of content that is widely shared on social media platforms. Blogs are also popular, but they’re not shared as much as other types of content since visuals overpower the text.

This is where animation paves the way in making content highly intriguing. Visual content is not only appealing and more engaging, but it is also easier to skim and digest. A combination of images and text takes the form of 2D animation videos, which simplifies the motif of sharing content in a quirky, attractive way.


The primary purpose of using 2D Animation as a means of marketing is to drive your customers down the sales funnel. Regardless of the type of animated video you create, explainer video, training video, educational video, recruitment video, or Service business video, the purpose of all videos is to persuade the potential customer to take action.

The actions may differ depending upon the type of product/service and the kind of niche your business operates in. Maybe the viewers are prompted to dial a number and order food, view another video in the playlist or order a product.

A great 2D Animation video conveys the message in a captivating manner and persuades the viewer to take the necessary action. A well-crafted call to action embedded in your video is sure to bring you increased sales and profit margins.



The types of 2D animated videos come in various forms and are truly versatile. They are not only convenient to comprehend but are more likely to stay in the minds of the viewer for a longer period.

Apart from using 2D Animation as the go-to marketing tool, companies can use it to educate and train their staff.  Many companies now prefer training their new employees regarding the organization’s policies, product/service knowledge, and safety precautions via animated explainer videos. Once created, animated training videos can be re-used for each new employee joining the organization.

Having a nicely animated video, on your homepage, explaining your operations, or demonstrating your products is much better than writing all that information down. The video will engage the audience and bring in more traffic than it would have with the plain text.

While Youtube contributes significantly to spreading the video content, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram are proliferating in video usage in their respective platforms. The convenience of sharing and commenting encourages many brands to design 2D Animated video, especially for these social media platforms, to enjoy organic traffic for their business.


Depending on your business requirements, 2D Animated videos could be a valuable asset for you and your business. Whether you are thinking to tap into another market, or sustain your current audiences’ interest in your business, animation can help you in achieving all of that. All you have got to is to come up with a unique idea that enables you to stand out amongst your competitors, and you are good to go.

2D Animation is capable of conveying any type of information engagingly and entertainingly. Being an entrepreneur, you must think about how this versatile medium can prove to be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

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