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Cynthia Moreno

5th May 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Indeed, the need for safety is at the fore during the COVID-19, but the longing of getting everything back how it used to be is something which has also found its way to the top.

How to respond to this global pandemic?

The outbreak has affectedeveryone andhas disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities, and businesses worldwide. But that hasn’t stopped brands around the world to come together and find solutions to minimize the influence of the virus.

To control the matter and to support us during these hard times, government, doctors, influencers, NGOs, all are spearheading the cause of remaining safe; the brands are not falling behind as well. While the opportunity is a great way to showcase the copy and marketing talent all these brands hold, every single one of them that has come to the fore has asserted the need of staying safe during our locked-down lives.

TL:DR, How the major brands have responded, let`s find out.

NBA Team-Branded Face Masks

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is fighting COVID-19 through marketingand branding strategies. The league, along with Fanatics, announced that they would be selling branded face masks to reduce the impact of coronavirus pandemic.

The face masks will be covered in professional logo designs of all 30 NBA and 12 WNBA teams and will be sold at . If you are thinking branding face masks with a logo design will have no influence on coronavirus pandemic, think again.

The masks will be sold on the NBA’s official website, and the proceeds will benefit Feeding America in the U.S.A. and Second Harvest in Canada. As a global community, the NBA is playing its part in reducing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the significant guidelines to fight back coronavirus is social distancing and covering nose and mouth while in public. That is precisely what the NBA is targeting in their marketing and branding strategy.

The NBA and WNBA, following these guidelines, are not only promoting safety through their branded face masksbut also aiding those directly affected by COVID-19.

directly affected by COVID-19

Credit: NBA, WNBA

McDonald’s Promoting Social Distancing

McDonald's was quick to respond to the global pandemic through social media

McDonald’s was quick to respond to the global pandemic through social media. McDonald’s Brazil redesigned its professional logo design by separating arches far apart. They first posted an image of their emblem on their Facebook page  and later took it to a physical store as well.

The message behind the separated arches was McDonald’s way of encouraging social isolation. The image was paired with a caption (translated from Portuguese) that read,

“Separated for a moment so that we can always be together.”

Moreover, McDonald’s India acknowledged the crisis through a GIF while promoting its McDelivery option. The caption read:

“There’s no distancing from your favorite food! It’s why we’ve taken every measure to ensure that your favorite food reaches you in a safe and contactless manner.” 

Burger King- ‘Stay Home’

Burger King temporarily shut down all of its stores and outlets to contribute to social isolation and safe distancing.  To further promote social isolation during this global pandemic, Burger King took it one step further by altering their physical store professional logo design.

Burger King changed their logo from ‘HOME OF THE WHOPPER’ to ‘STAY HOME OF THE WHOPPER.’Their social media caption for the altered emblem image read,

“We’ll be back, but for now…”

MissChiquitaIs Working From Home, Are You


MissChiquitaIs Working From Home, Are You?

Chiquita Brands International Company altered their professional logo design by removing Miss Chiquita from the emblem to promote staying home.

Chiquita promoted their new marketing and branding strategy through social media by posting their new logo with a caption saying,

“I’m already home. Please do the same and protect yourself.”

In the current pandemic, even the “First Lady” of fruits works from home, and you should too!

In the current pandemic, even the “First Lady” of fruits works from home, and you should too

Image: Instagram

Coca Cola Endorses ‘Staying apart is Staying Connected.’

Coca Cola has been utilizing the social media platform to endorse social distancing a lot ever since the coronavirus outbreak. There are several posts all over its different channels and mediums supporting staying at home, social isolation, and promoting appreciation for the essential workers.

In its most recent post first seen on twitter, Coca Cola in the shape of its classic bottle, thanks all of the hard-working professionals while giving a gentle reminder to stay home.

Staying apart is Staying Connected

Image: Coca Cola

Shaping the classic Coca Cola bottle is not the only thing the brand has done to promote social distancing. Cocoa Cola went the extra mile with its marketing and branding strategy, focusing on offline advertising.

Coca Cola ran a billboard ad on Times Square featuring its brand name written with extended spaces between letters to portray isolation.

The spaced-out professional logo design is complemented by the message,

“Staying apart is the best way to stay united.”

Coca Cola Times Square


Nike Targets Dreams

Instead of revamping its trademark swoosh professional logo design, Nike took a new and creative marketing and branding approach to stay in the game.

To promote self-isolation measures during the COVID-19, Nike used social media to promote a message that said,

 “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” 

Followed by a caption that read,

“Now more than ever, we are one team.”

A single post targeting all the Football fans and enthusiasts makes use of emotions and dreams to endorse social isolation. It is a smart and inexpensive approach to implement marketing and branding strategies successfully.

Nike took a new and creative marketing and branding approach to stay in the game

Audi Is Colored and Spaced Out

One of the biggest hospitals treating patients of COVID-9 in Moscow uses the colors red and yellow to distinguish between doctors and nurses, respectively.

Audi Russia and Leo Burnett Moscow were inspired by the fact and decided to focus their marketing and branding strategy on it to acknowledge all medical workers. Audi thus changed the colors of its professional logo design.

Moreover, Audi has also become a volunteer brand. They have provided their car fleet, which can be used by medical workers from COVID hospital. Additional to delivering what they could, they have also started a movement called #coloursofhope. This movement calls to all brands that are willing to help and support during this global pandemic.

The #coloursofhope movement is adaptable by any socially responsible brand by merely incorporating the colors (red and yellow) in their brand identity.  Medical workers can then identify brands that are willing and ready to help with the help of this color code.

Audi Russia and Leo Burnett Moscow were inspired by the fact and decided to focus their marketing and branding strategy

Audi has also designed a new emblemfor social media accounts. The new design now contains the four rings separated from each other. Marketing and branding for the tailored emblem were done through a short video urgingthe audience to stay at home and keep their safe distance.

Keep Distance

Volkswagen Continues To Inspire

Audi and Volkswagen, the two automotive companies,apart from sharing ownership, also share a similar marketing and branding approach for COVID-19.

Like Audi, Volkswagen also tweaked its professional logo design for their social media accounts. The COVID-19 emblem features a separated V and W, which was advertised through a video with an inspiring message.

Audi and Volkswagen, the two automotive companies,apart from sharing ownership

Facebook Unveils New ‘Care’ Reactions

Facebook has officially unveiled new ‘Care’ Reactions for both Facebook and Messenger. These reactions will provide a quick response option for updates related tocoronavirus.

Facebook has officially unveiled new 'Care' Reactions for both Facebook and Messenger

As you can see in the image above, Facebook, the ‘Care’ Reaction,is a smiley face-hugging a heart. This reaction will be the seventh addition to the set.

On Messenger, you will have the option to change the existing ‘Heart’ response to a purple, beating animation, as shown below.

While adding reaction doesn’t seem to be much, Facebook believes it is a way for users to express their emotions amid the crisis

While adding reaction doesn’t seem to be much, Facebook believes it is a way for users to express their emotions amid the crisis.

Apart from adding new reactions, Facebook has taken it upon itself to reduce the dissemination of misinformation, put a ban on capitalizing on fear of COVID-19, along with some massive updates in features and algorithms.

L’Oréal USA Exhibits Generosity

In response to the pandemic, L’Oreal has not revamped its professional logo design but contributed to the betterment of the society.

L’Orealrevealed a multi-tiered initiative to support those impacted the most by COVID-19. The company has promised to donate $250k donation to Feeding America . Moreover, it also plans to continue hand sanitizer production and provide masks to healthcare professionals.

L’Orealhas also taken measures to protect salon experts impacted by a global pandemic. The measures include payment relief for salon partners with unsettled credit balances along with an extension of level loyalty rewards through May.

The leading brand has also partnered with the Professional Beauty Association to donate $200k to the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund for licensed professionals unable to work.


To Conclude…

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, major brands and services have changed the way they conduct their daily activities.

Many retail and fashion brands have suspended services and in-person shopping for consumers across the globe. Essential businesses are taking cautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease, with new plans and strategies to move forward.

With the global pandemic not slowing down, it is only safe to take all the necessary precautions and maintain social isolation. But that shouldn’t stop the way of life. Brands are rethinking their strategies and coming up with excellent solutions to deal with this crisis.

Do you have something valuable to add to this topic? Let us know in the comments below.

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