The Complete Guide to Ace Your Interior Design Business Logos in 2021

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Shannon Robinson

2nd March 2021

Shannon Robinson

“Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth.” – Michael Bierut

Creating a unique logo design is an excellent way to establish a business identity, especially in designing or decorating related fields. An interior design logo is the face of your business or company. If your business identity conveys a brand message of high-quality services, professionalism, and trust, it will impress your potential audience.

Your digital business identity can thus become a way to grab the attention of your customers toward your interior design business.

There are certain factors that you must ponder while creating an impactful monogram for your business. From brainstorming your ideas on paper to the impact your brand identity would make on the outside world, everything should be taken into account.

In this guide, you will find some useful tips and tricks for creating an impactful interior design logo so you can give the right direction to your business.

What Does a Good Interior Design Logo Require?


Logo Designing Concepts

It is possible that your clients will feel assured that they are working with a decorator or designer who is going to modernize their home into a safe haven—a home to retreat from the stress of the outside world. Keeping this goal in mind, a logo for this field must replicate the aesthetic and philosophy of the decorator or designer.

Do you build minimalist, clean, modern environments? Do you keep your focus on saturated color and dramatic statements?

Think about what your brand is and the outcomes you generate, then channel that uniqueness into the perfect business identity.

Your interior design logo is the primary and essential thing to consider before taking on your competitors. Interior design is one of the highly competitive businesses due to other established entrepreneurs active in this industry.

So, while the industry is booming, you need to be set to face challenging competition, and creating an outclass emblem is the ultimate trick to grab your audience’s attention.

Interior logo designs are of exceptional significance to give wings to your brand. Like any other business, an interior design business also requires you to market your services actively.

What Qualities Make an Interior Design Logo to Stand Out?


Home Decor Logo Design | Interior Logo Design

An extraordinary design stands out because of its uniqueness and various other qualities. One of the most required qualities of an impressive brand symbol is that it has a minimalist and simple design.

Most renowned brand’s symbols have simple techniques so that they can convey a business’ value and message promptly at a glance. According to Susan Kare,


“Good design’s not about what medium you’re working in. It’s about thinking hard about what you want to do and what you have to work with before you start.”

Make sure that you should use one or two fonts and colors to design your business symbol. You must avoid complicated and abstract shapes that are hard to comprehend.

An interior design logo should have a simple concept. Unique designs require nothing more than the company’s name, created in a memorable and attractive way. Though, a brand symbol must also be versatile. This is because it will appear on all advertisements and other marketing materials.

If the design looks great on your business card but doesn’t make an impression on an online platform, it is better to consider redesigning it.

So, finalize your brand identity only when you have tested it across offline and online platforms.

What Features You Should Keep in Mind While Developing an Interior Design Logo?

One of the main factors that you must consider is to find out if your symbol design is scalable or not. You will be required to putting it on a billboard as part of your marketing campaign.

In such a case, the visual representation of your brand should keep its sense of proportion of some different elements intact. It better not look peculiar when blown up to tremendous heights on a billboard.

Similarly, all minute details of the brand’s symbol should be clearly visible when compacted to smaller sizes.

Therefore, it is necessary to design a symbol that is unique, creative, memorable, versatile, and scalable. Your interior design logo should be an exceptional design that could imprint its mark on the targeted audience’s minds and attract them towards your brand.

Some Ideas to Ace your interior design Logo


Home Interior Design Logo

Idea #1: Contemporary Logo Designs

When it comes to creating a logo design and the decor it represents, opting for a modern design is always a great idea. As mentioned above, modern and minimalist designs offer an incredible amount of versatility in addition to providing long-lasting appeal. In the case of creating business emblems, this means sharp angles, crisp lines, and sans-serif letterings. Aim for neutral colors instead of bright shades and stick to the basics in your contemporary interior design logo.

Idea #2: Diversified and Eclectic Logo Designs

It’s imperative for an interior decorator or designer to be well-versed, even if your personal style may lean a certain way. You should have the ability to appeal and be flexible to a variety of looks that your clients may demand. Many famous people in the home design are diverse, vibrant, and eclectic. Let your digital brand identity express that unique graphics, rich colors, and expressive typography. Use your business sign as an opportunity to tell the target audience that your efforts don’t fit into a specific box.

Idea #3: Straightforward and Simple Logo Design

There’s a general principle that often leads to both emblem design and home decor: less is more. Your brand identity doesn’t require to be over the top; it can tell who you are in a no-frills way. It is advisable to work in elements like furniture or building silhouettes to help say who you are through a discreet way, easy-to-understand shapes. Remember: your brand’s monogram should say that you’re professional at what you do without going overboard.

Idea #4: Luxurious Logo Designs

Many interior designers and decorators have a particular target market in mind: those who enjoy the more extraordinary things in life. If you’re aiming to tap into the luxury market, you’ll need a brand mark that’s the right kind of lavish. If we take an example of the Versace logo and think how our culture has embraced the design: it’s a recognizable and iconic symbol escorted by a prominent font—and a cherry on top—it’s metallic. A brand symbol is your time to be strategic and create something, to make a statement, so that the luxury market will adore. Let’s face it: all shiny things and caps lettering are welcome here.

What are the Essentials of Logo Design?

Executing Project Idea


We cannot deny the fact that an emblem is a nuanced specialty of graphic design that includes branding & marketing, aesthetics, color theory, composition, typography, and artistic skill.

In fact, you can generate a digital business identity for your brand. There’s no hard and fast rule to create a “best type of business sign”—the most effective emblems are the ones that best embody their brands.

For example, the garish and aggressive red layout of the Coca-Cola symbol uniforms with the brand so well, but such design choices would not work for more relaxed brands like a massage parlor or yoga studio. Create a brand identity that works best for you.

Start off by thinking about what type of brand you strive to be— or your “brand identity.” Are you an amicable, ordinary brand or a high-end brand? Are you refined or free-spirited? This will guide your design choices, particularly the shapes, colors, and letters.

Colors, fonts, and shapes. Each different shape and color signify different sentiments—for instance, symbols with extreme black seem chicer and more sophisticated, signs with a lot of loops and rings seem friendlier, etc. Similarly, that extends to font selection, like formal serifs vs. a casual sans-serif. Every design choice reflects on your brand, so shape your brand identity from the ground up with sensible decisions.

How to Get a Logo Design?

Logo Maker: As stated above, you can create and design your own brand monogram from scratch using a logo maker or other entry-level software.

Hire a Design Agency: Let the professionals do the work for you. Handoff all emblem design responsibilities to the experts at a multimedia agency—but remember, the extra flair comes at an additional cost, and it will be worth the money you spend on it.

Work With a Freelancer: You can also work with a freelancer and find a professional freelance designer to create your logo for you.

Contract a Design Contest: In such type of competition, you should explain what you really want in a briefing, including business goals and visual preferences. Most likely, designers from near and far can submit sample illustrations based on your briefing. Then, you can select the one you like most and start modifications. You only pay for the one sample design you choose.

For starters, logo makers and DIY ideas are only worthwhile under extreme circumstances, like if you have next to nothing in your budget. Your brand identity is hugely significant, and it’s wise to trust it in the hands of an expert in order to confirm that it is effective. From there, it comes down to both preference and cost.

Are You Ready to Get a Perfectly Styled Interior Design Logo?

An interior designer logo shouldn’t just tell the target audience to come inside—it should inspire and inspire them to kick back, put their feet up on that attractive ottoman, and stay awhile. Interior designers and decorators are bound to create inviting spaces, and a wonderfully crafted business identity makes the company all the more welcoming. So, don’t wait anymore; go ahead: find the flawless insignia that lets your brand feel right at home.

Usually, Interior Design Logos are shaped in the literal sense with a home, building, or elements portraying its services. The geometrical and symmetrical implication of these brand symbols is so hard to miss. Some businesses go out of their way to highlight the brand message by promoting a single product like a luxurious and deluxe sofa or an exotic wall panel to convey the message.

The prime idea behind the interior design logos is to communicate the message of professionalism and elegance. Every passing year, newer firms implement their component of surprise in the brand identity. Experienced firms restructure or recreate their visual brand identity to keep up with the latest trends.

We have mentioned some of the great examples of inspirational interior logo designs. The designers use simple elements such as colors and fonts to create these fantastic representations of your brand.

So when are you hiring a professional to design your digital brand identity? Let us know in the comment below.


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