Freelancers Vs Design Agencies: Pros and Cons Evaluated

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Shannon Robinson

12th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

There are several skilled designers working in agencies who initiated their careers as freelancers. As the demand for a flexible work schedule is increasing, the freelance market is growing rapidly too.

According to Nasdaq, By 2020, 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers.

However, many freelancer designers are also stepping forward to work with top-rated design agencies to grow their skillset and gain equal job opportunities.

Whether it’s a freelance designer or a designer working in an agency, they both possess the required skills and creativity to complete the project on time. Nevertheless, choosing one between both of them is the real deal.

You may be considering to buy logo design services online or choosing a design agency for your business website. Still, the question remains, which one is worth a hire– freelance designer or a design agency?

Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of each to determine which one is the best option for your business.

What Freelancers Offer?


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The best part about hiring freelance designers for your designing needs is that freelancers take zero leaves as they have the freedom to choose their work schedule. Most of them offer the same creativity level and potential to design your projects as design agencies.




From basic coding and designing to testing, freelancers work individually and complete the entire project all by themselves. That’s why they have the flexibility to choose their own tentative deadlines and payment plan.

Whether you’re hiring them to buy logo design services or for website designing, they can be affordable compared to agencies that pretty much have fixed and costly packages.

Zero Competition

Compared to the freelance industry, design agencies have a lot of aggressive competition between them. They all compete against each other to win more likes of the customers and promote their services efficiently.

Now, you won’t find the same level of competition when you hire a freelancer. They mainly operate solo and charge a much lesser price when you buy logo design services or other design services from them.


Freelance designers are more flexible as the customers can interact with them directly. Unlike an agency, freelancers can make as many changes as possible or make the whole process smoother within the given timeframe.

Even when you buy logo design services or website solutions online from a freelancer, they are adaptable to your needs and offer flexible working rates and schedules.

Specialized Skillset

It’s easy to choose a freelancer specializing in a particular domain since there are different design solutions such as brochure design, logo design, website design, etc. Unlike an agency, they provide specific skills to the clients.

So, when you hire a freelancer for their particular skill set or to buy logo design services, you get more consistency since they offer precise designs based on the needs.

Direct Interaction

One of the best things about hiring a freelancer is that they provide direct interaction. Whether it’s about asking for their services or taking feedback, freelancers eliminate any communication gap between them and the clients.

The direct interaction makes it easier for you to ask them any design-related query without any interruptions.




The pressing issue with choosing a freelancer for your design project is that they may not be as reliable as they seem to you. They don’t know you physically, and you have no clue if they’re genuine or not. It isn’t easy to interpret their actions online when you’re not directly facing them.

Whether you opt to buy logo design services online, or choose a freelance designer, trusting someone connected to you online is difficult.

Lacks Brand Vision

As compared to a design agency, a freelancer lacks brand clarity and a vision. Simultaneously, a business needs to portray the vision and mission of their brand eloquently to the customers, primarily through its website or logo design.

Choosing to buy logo design services or website designs from a freelancer is a difficult task. In comparison, an agency works wonders and understands your company’s mission and vision before providing any design services.

Cultural and Language Barrier

Hiring a freelancer from any part of the world may result in cultural and language barriers. It’s not enough to hire an affordable service only. It’s also crucial that a freelancer understands your culture and language background.

If you’re hiring a designer for cheap services, but they don’t speak or understand your language, then it can create a long-term issue for your business. But it’s different when you hire an agency. They have a diversified team that can understand your needs more efficiently.

What A design agency Offers?


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A professional design agency has the power to turn your ideas into living designs for your business. It has a dedicated team of developers and designers that provide instant solutions. They also offer consistency and dynamic exposure to your brand image, even if it’s a small start-up.



Experienced Team

One of the main advantages of choosing a design agency is having an experienced team that has worked on different projects. Unlike freelancers, they have a clear idea about your brand’s vision and mission and offer services as per your business needs.

Whether it’s to buy logo design services or website solutions, a skilled agency also offers customized options and a professional environment for you.


A design agency has a spontaneous working style. That’s why the team effort is vital to increase the efficiency level of any design agency. With multi skillsets, a design agency offers unique ideas for your projects.

You can expect faster results from an agency designer as they work in a team. On the other hand, a freelance designer provides minimum efficiency as they rely on themselves for everything.


Design agencies hire designers from varied backgrounds and with different expertise. It’s normal to expect a lot of brainstorming and flow of creative ideas when considering to buy logo design services or other services.

The diverse experience allows you to get the perfect design that exceeds your expectations. In comparison, a freelancer cannot provide that type of variety as a solo designer.

Better Equipment

Some software applications and equipment are costly for freelancers as they require a high level of investment. It’s easier for design agencies to buy updated equipment for their clients and provide quality designs.

Whereas if you buy logo design services or website design services from a freelancer, you may experience low quality compared to design agencies. A design agency updates their equipment regularly, which allows them to work on different types of projects.


The best part about hiring a design agency is that they offer 24/7 availability for the customers. Unlike an individual freelancer, they have a customer support team that is ever ready to assist you with your project. They also provide timely updates, so the clients don’t worry about any project delays.

You can even ask for any design related queries from their team or ask for a consultation. However, the type of consultation varies from agency to agency.

Different Services

It’s nothing out of the ordinary for an experienced design agency to provide different types of services to the clients. From website development, UI/UX design, logo design, and any other design services, they have an expert panel of illustrators, designers, and more to help you out efficiently.

Most freelancers aren’t experts in every field. Therefore, hiring a design agency to buy logo design services from or different types of services is the ultimate solution.


Another advantage of choosing a design agency over a freelance designer is that they enjoy an excellent market reputation. This enables them to build more credibility for the customers through past work, awards, and online reviews.

But a freelancer may not have access to that kind of information. They are more dependent on getting new projects. In contrast, a design agency has more resources and a larger team to respond to your queries timely.



Higher Expenses and Cost

Design agencies always carry high overhead costs due to larger office space and equipment. Unlike freelancers, they provide premium or fixed packages. However, some design agencies also offer customized packages depending on their way of conduct.

So, when you buy logo design services or other tangible services from an agency, the cost of intangible services such as accountability, quality, and professionalism also adds up to your plan.

Lesser Involvement

When it comes to making decisions, the experienced specialists of agencies play a vital role in the process. As compared to freelancers, these experts have more suggestions and ideas to influence your decision. However, in the end, the creative direction is still your call to make as it’s your project.

Agencies believe in providing well-designed work, and they don’t compromise on quality. Therefore, they ask to hear them out first and then give you a choice to agree or disagree with them. It’s different when hiring freelancers as they don’t interfere much in the creative process.

No Direct Communication

Although they have a support team to assist you all the time, it’s very likely that a design agency doesn’t let you communicate with their designers directly. Unlike Freelancers, most of them provide no direct interaction, so you may have to first discuss your queries with the customer care staff.

So, it’s better to buy logo design services or other solutions from an agency that provides options like live chat or design consultation to the customers. In this way, you can directly talk to their design team.


Freelancers Vs. Design Agencies

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Hiring a freelancer or a design agency depends on the designing needs of your project. If your project needs more attention and time, an agency is a much healthy option. But if your project has a limited budget and requires little effort, hiring a freelancer is worth it. However, the skillset and quality also matter when choosing either one of them for your project.

So, if you’re still wondering which one to choose, you can do a little bit of research about your project and determine its needs first. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making the final decision.

1. What are your project requirements?This mainly includes the outline of cost plan, design requirements, type of design service, project timeframe, and any other specifications.

2. Does it require any specialized skills or not?Research about specific skills such as 2D or 3D animation design or UI/UX design skills. You can even ask for expert advice from a        designer online.

3. Is it a small or a long project, and what is the required experience level?This will help you determine whether you need an agency with over a decade of experience or mid-level design services.

After answering all the questions in your mind, you may come to a reasonable conclusion and decide for yourself in the end. There’s no rush to it as the design industry is vast and full of different talents. Whether you wish to buy logo design services or any other design services, choose your preferred talents wisely.


Make your Final Decision!


Yes no Prespective

There’s no definitive answer for choosing one between them as you never know which one will provide long-lasting results. But you can decide the costs and determine your design needs to come up with a concrete answer in your mind.

Finally, when everything is clear, it’s time to choose between a freelancer or a design agency. Now, you know the pros and cons, so it’s easier to make the final decision.  Remember that choosing anyone can prove to be a ‘better’ choice and a valuable asset for your business.

Good Luck!

Let us know which one is suitable for your designing needs and why in the comment section.

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