Facebook Canvas gets a new name “Instant Experience”

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Robert Hall

14th September 2018

Robert Hall

Ever since Facebook announced the Facebook Canvas posts in February 2016. Canvas has transformed itself from being an ad type to a post that can be shared on business pages. According to new stats shared by Facebook in a blog post last week, Instant Experiences (formerly canvas) has doubled in usage alone in the past year. The overall load time of Instant Experiences have also improved with 15 times quicker loading as compared to a mobile web (or that which is mobile responsive).

Making it ever easier to use and create Instant Experiences for customers, Facebook now offers a range of templates to choose from. Allowing businesses to share not only their branding but also their contact links on to the posts.

The following Instant Experiences can be easily created using the on-page creator:

Storefront: Allows brands to create an ecommerce store and create sales.

Showcase: Enables Facebook brand pages to create product showcases and display their products/offering to customers.

Customer Recruitments: Engage and derive customers back to your website or business page and get more business done.

Creative Storyteller: Create a mix of creatives including visuals and animations to create engagement.

Lead Generators: Allows businesses to fill forms and provide their contact details to businesses.

The best thing about Instant Experiences is that it comes built capability to add Facebook Pixel to your campaigns. Similarly, it is easy for users to integrate third party pixel trackers with the instant experiences to get insights and other post related data.

Facebook Canvas gets a new name "Instant Experience"

Instant Experience is so easy to use that even we tried making the post and we must say that as easy it is, it turned out even more fun. And the end result is quite great too, see for yourself here (it works on mobile devices only).

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