Distinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos – & Why is the Huge Difference!

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Shannon Robinson

16th April 2019

Shannon Robinson

Out of the big investments, businesses should considerably invest to create an attractive and captivating logo. Logo is the brand’s’ first impression and represents it in the competent market. Your logo should necessarily convey proficiency and an aptitude to last long in the consumers mind. So, why go for a $100 logo that may not communicate your brand message effectively.

Difference in Opinions – Client and Designer

Distinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

Prospective client recently called me up asking to create a logo. I was enthused, yet later I realized that I have quoted an amount that sounds expensive to them. I am therefore, amazed if you can attain a professionally designed logo for much less than that.

All these years I have comprehended that there is a huge difference between:-

  • What the consumers think, and
  • What the designers know!

People consider it to be a small piece of design, merely; however, only a designer can understand what it takes to fabricate an innovative logo that lasts long with the brand identity.

Measures Taken by a Designer to Enchant Customer’s Interest

A designer significantly strives hard to come-up with an attractive and captivating logo that leads a brand to long-term success.

  1. Designs Need WorkDistinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

Professional online web designers do not play around on their computers all day. A professional logo design needs work on it – a deep tangle of thought and imagination. “As designers we do not only make designs, we build relationships between the brand and its user”. Say, the seniors at UptownLogoDesign.com.

  1. We Own Expertise to Design Professionally

    Distinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

    Distinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos – & Why is the Huge Difference

A professional design needs absolute skills and for that a designer sufficiently spends his time and money on a school where he learns to design. They learn the fundamentals required to craft a good design. They learn different professional softwares such as Adobe illustrator, photoshop and more alike. We commit excellence in research, self-marketing, meeting with clients, going through the briefs and giving presentations. All this combines to empower the expertise we embrace to design professionally.

  1. Indulgence of High-Profile Equipment and SoftwareDistinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

A logo is not inexpensive, because the software and equipment used to design a logo is expensive. Just for the consumers to be acquainted with, the software for logo design usually costs around $2,000; and apparently, we need to keep it up-to-date every so often, that costs around $400. For this instance, if a designer will charge even less than the cost of its equipment, they would sink rather float financially.

  1. Logo Design is not Simple
    Distinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

It is not simple to design a good professional logo. Designers who sell it at cheaper rates are unaware of your business, audience and your competition. A good designer always carries out a thorough research concerning your business, audience, competition and much more and that is what they charge for.

  1. A Good Logo Needs Time to be CraftedDistinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

It is obvious that, if appropriate time and energy is embedded in the creation of any design or piece of work, it may turn out to be something out-of-the-box. A professional designer takes enough time to prepare skillful logos, for it exhibits the brand’s first impression amongst its target audience. A comprehensive research and work of long hours is involved that makes a logo professional and little more expensive than the ones executed out of no research, time and energy.

  1. A Designer Claims its ProficiencyDistinction Between $100 Logos and $1,000 Logos - & Why is the Huge Difference

When it comes to the cost of design, customers often pronounce, what is so proficient about a logo design? I as a designer just want them to know that we have been working to improve our skills since long, it is not that we have just started a day before, so, we have the right to charge back for what we invest. My work reveals the level of my expertise and that is what I charge for.

The Choice is Yours As An End-User

A logo is significantly the first thing people view concerning a brand. Logo represents the level, message, identity and approach of any brand. It is associated with the brand for years, unless a revamp is implemented. It builds strong customer relationships and strengthens the image and competence of your brand among the changing market trends. To retain your brand image in the long-run, think carefully, if your want to make a one-time investment that would last long or you want to make small investments after every quarter. The choice is yours, for how you differentiate between a $100 logo and a $1000 logo – Chose value for money over short-term decisions!

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