Digital Marketing 101: How to Brand A Business Using Only Digital Means

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Cynthia Moreno

29th July 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Digital marketing isn’t a newfangled buzzword for businesses today. With companies now taking the digital route and focusing on building strong brands online, it is inevitable to join the digital parade.

Do you wish to promote your business online? Or want to create a successful marketing campaign using digital arsenals? Then this blog is for you.

Today we will discuss how digital marketing has transformed buying patterns and how to maximize profits using a stellar online advertising campaign.


What is Digital Marketing?

The term refers to the collective activities of marketing and engagement carried via online channels. The role of digital marketing is to help you get found on the internet, generate leads, and convert those leads into customers.


Why is Online Advertising Crucial?

The reason online marketing is crucial to all businesses is due to the reason that today’s consumers are connected to the internet 24/7 with all thanks to tablets and mobile phones. Electronic devices like these are the most common people use in the morning and are the last thing 95% of them see before they got to sleep. Thus, there is a huge marketing opportunity that cannot be ignored.

It is very easy to pinpoint your target audience and serve them with customized advertisements. Online advertising gives businesses the liberty to expand their marketing strategy and target a wider audience.

Since people are spending more hours online, the demand for professional online advertising agencies is increasing. This leads to the demand for people who can manage and implement successful digital marketing strategies.


Target your Audience

There was a time when billboards, brochures, newspapers, TV, and radio were considered the sole medium to advertise

There was a time when billboards, brochures, newspapers, TV, and radio were considered the sole medium to advertise. Although it did wonders for brands, it did have its downsides and limitations. Can you imagine targeting the audience with respect to its gender, location, or language through traditional marketing? I bet not!

This is one of the things which has given a clear edge to digital marketing over traditional marketing. With online advertising, you can target your audience and serve them with customized advertisements. It has helped brands get ahead of their competition and increase their sales by a huge margin.


Track Your Performance

The internet is full of analytical tools that help you track your advertisement campaign’s performance in real-time. The real-time performance reports are best to observe which aspect of the marketing strategy needs a little tweak. Also, it gives you immense control over the marketing campaign and your budget.

With all this in mind, let’s dive into some tips on how to brand a business using digital arsenals.


What Constitutes a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

Before you jump in strategizing a digital marketing campaign, it is important to understand its dynamics

Before you jump in strategizing a digital marketing campaign, it is important to understand its dynamics. An effective online marketing campaign can incorporate the following digital means.


Website Design

The website is the face of your brand; it is the only online platform that showcases your presence online (apart from social accounts). Its structure, color, content, and design will impact how your audience perceives your business.

Professional web development agency stress that a brand’s website should reflect its style in addition to the general theme of the business.


Responsive Website

A website should be organized and pleasing to the eye. Your website should be responsive to its dimensions. A responsive website adjusts its components perfectly for different screen sizes.

The key is to have the perfect recipe for design and functionality. With mobile users surpassing desktop users, it is inevitable for a brand to invest in responsive web design. Also, did you know more than half of the total web traffic comes from mobile devices?

Make sure you ensure the mobile page load speed as it is a key metric for determining the website search result ranking on Google. Since Google is responsible for over 94% of the total organic traffic, you cannot simply ignore this mobile-friendly optimization.


Optimize your Website

Ensure that your website is fast; it loads quickly and doesn’t lag. As per research,53% of the website visitors will revert back if they don’t see anything happening within 3 seconds. Purchase SSL certificate, not only because of the reason that your web visitors will know that they are not secure without it on your website but also because it is a prime factor to rank your website.


Social Media Advertising

It refers to the use of social networking platforms to leverage the marketing campaigns of your brand. One major advantage of using social platforms for digital marketing is that you can funnel down your target audience.

  • Facebook helps your brand become more discoverable. Facebook Ads are best in giving exposure to businesses.
  • Instagram is the best way to showcase your brand visually.The Instagram community is growing exponentially fast; it is a perfect platform to engage with your customers and offers them exclusive discounts and deals.
  • Twitter for business do wonders as it reaches out to the people looking for new products or deals.
  • LinkedIn is a crucial social networking platform that is used in building strong business connections online. Connect with key influencers, stay up to date with trends and share your content on this highly professional social network

Pinterest is a hub for people looking for new ideas. You can make visual content, share on your Pinboards, and catch the attention of your audience, redirect them to your website and convert them as a business opportunity.

It refers to the use of social networking platforms to leverage the marketing campaigns of your brand

Email Marketing

It is one of the oldest and overused online marketing arsenals,but yes, it still works.The secret is to make your email stand out and understand the psychology of the customer. Remember, bombarding your potential customer will only result in hampering your brand’s image.


The Logo Matters

A logo is a basic branding arsenal used to represent the company in the smallest of places

A logo is a basic branding arsenal used to represent the company in the smallest of places. It is a unique label that showcases your brand.A logo serves as a point of recognition for your clients; it is an important foundation of the branding of your company.

A well-designed logo can do wonders for your business; it is an easy way to convey to your clients that your business is professional and trustworthy.

As per many logo design agencies, a logo is one of the most crucial branding investments a business can make. Symbols are a succinct and efficient way to communicate information about your business; also, it marks a significant impact on the company’s public perception.


Summing It Up 

Digital marketing is an ever-growing field, and having an adequate understanding of the basics of it solves the most common problems for businesses.

Businesses today face challenges that are multi-faceted; they need experts experienced with every skill of digital marketing.

In this blog, we have tried to give an overall picture of digital marketing; this is not an exhaustive overview of everything associated with it.

Now that you are well aware of the basics, you are well equipped to make better decisions for the company and improve its digital outreach. Need assistance? Consult an online advertising agency and see how you can get started with the digital marketing of your brand.

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