Designers` block: Here`s How You Can Get Through It in A Jiffy

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Cynthia Moreno

14th January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

There are days when you feel so inspired; creative ideas are continually pouring out of your mind as if somebody tapped into a geyser of ideas that comes oozing out without stopping. These are the times when you feel powerful. Like you can achieve anything you want. But then there are the days when no matter how much you focus or try-hard, you just cannot arrive at something concrete. Does it sound similar? Welcome to the designer’s block!

A designer’s creativity sways between two extremes swings. Either productivity is at peak or wholly blocked, trapped between four walls. However, there is no need to worry. Every artist, writer, and even professional logo designers face creativity block at some point in their lives. Some people can’t come up with a new storyline, others can’t make a good script, and sometimes, even iconic logo designers can’t turn up with an iconic logo design idea.

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What Exactly Is Designer’s Block?

Similar to a writer’s block, in designer’s block, the designers’ creative and design skills get paused automatically. Not a usual pause, though. We are not hinting towards the kind where you can take up where you left off, as pleased be. The kind of pause where the resume button just gets lost. The kind where you are left clueless with no idea how to get your potential back.

However, this isn’t even the worst part yet! This inability to come up with something creative can possess you anytime.

You may have designer’s block before starting a new project or when you are at the full swing.

Even when you are just about to end up the iconic logo designing project or web designing project, you will feel like something is missing, but what? Here, your potential will betray you. Whenever such a thing happens, do not get into depression or start stressing out! Know that you are facing a designer’s block, and it is just an everyday thing with a solution. Even veteran and iconic professional logo designers face it. Do Not Stress Out!

Ignoring a problem is going to lead you to nowhere. Facing your challenges will make you the real hero in your field.

Designer’s block makes you feel like you were not even born for this field. But there is no need to worry. Do not underestimate your talent or think of yourself as a fool. And remember not to stress out. Pay thanks to God that you do not have to see a doctor or take tons of medications to get back to normal. Here we have figured out some easy and quick tips for you to help you get rid of this horrible nightmare.

10 Tips to Overcome Designer’s Block


1. Make a Mind Map


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Take a paper and pencil and make a mind map. Simple, quick, and easy.

Come up with the keywords that define the brand, and do not limit yourself! This list of keywords is going to stay with you and only you. For example, if the brand for which you are crafting an iconic logo design is related to a food industry, then think of all the words that will complement food. Such as hunger, delicious, cake, jam, pizza, burger, etc. now make your list specific, and in the end, choose some words (from the list) of which you can quickly draw the sketch.

2. Sketch


One more thing you can do when you are going through a designer`s block is Paper Sketching.

Sketching is known as the best friend of a designer!

Usually, the professional logo designers start by just doing a mental sketch of their idea and then begin to create it on the system. Do not ever underestimate the power of pen and paper. Unless you do not bring your idea on the paper, your design will suffer. All expert and iconic logo designers first sketch the design on paper and then draw it on the computer. It is the best technique to bring perfection in your work.

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As we circle back to the main point, sketching will help you come up with some new ideas. All you have to do is draw. Draw anything! Get your hands-on paper and start drawing. You won’t get the result on the very first day, but gradually you will notice the change. This technique will not only polish your skills but at the end of the day, you will also be satisfied by knowing that you are at least trying something.

3.Take a Break


Sometimes our brain gets bored of doing the same work. Repeatedly doing the same task kills creativity. One of the most common but the most effective strategy to get back the power of your creativity is by taking a break.

Relax and calm yourself down!


Taking a break, always helps. What happens when your computer doesn’t function properly? You turn it off and restart it, and BAM! It’s perfect again. Same goes with our brain as well. When none of our logo designs are up to the expectations; in such situations, it is best to turn ourselves off for a moment, take a deep breath, watch your favorite documentary, or even sleep on it.


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4. Change Your Location


Changing location is the best way of relaxing and restarting your mind. However, changing location does not mean that you should fly off to another country to get inspiration, although if you can afford that, there can’t be anything better for getting inspiration! But you can also travel in your city. Go to some park, a beach or a café, and notice people quietly. See the world around you, and enjoy the weather. This will help you in relaxing, and very soon, you will find some inspiration for designing.

5. Pamper Yourself


What happens when you treat someone with utmost and unconditional love? They glow. Same is with you too. You also need nurturing. Stop stressing yourself out and love yourself. Our creativity stops when we take stress. As a professional logo designer, we all need some time to reflect on our self and our work. Take yourself out on a date for an ice-cream or in a coffee shop. Sit there. Tell yourself your success stories. Reflect what you have already achieved in the past. And you will see the drastic change that will come in you. Always remember that validation comes from within.

Sometimes you need a little caffeine pick yourself up. It will also be an excuse to step away from the bright, blank, and white screen in front of you. Changing your view for a flash can give your brain what it needs to reboot.

6. Revisit your archives


Ice Cream

All professional logo designers keep a folder of archived designs which they did not like at one point or designed it in their free time to use them later. Now is the best time to use them. And if until now you have not created any such folder, you must start now. Trust me, it is going to help you in the long run. It will not just help you out when you face designer’s block but also will help you generate new ideas when you start working on a new project!

7. Start with Something You Love


Usually, designers get stuck in the middle of a project. At such time, they get utterly blank as to which direction they must choose. So, if you are also stuck at the point, and you have no clue about how to resume, then the best choice is to presume your logo designing with something you love the most. Be it by using your favorite editing app, or by following your favorite brand. Just remember to be creative, and do not be afraid to add the element of uniqueness in it. Starting your work with something you actually enjoy doing will boost up your creativity level as well as you will feel more content with your abilities.

8. Find Inspiration from Other Industries


Designer’s block doesn’t let you think of anything new. In such situations, you can go and look for inspiration from specific industries and niches. Search the designs from your competitors.

Inspiration is everywhere!

Use your curiosity, and you will surely find a scratch to start over.

If nothing pops up in your mind, then you can always take help from our expert and professional logo designers. Visit our home page, and connect with one of our respondents now!

9. Use the Six Thinking Hats Technique


Six thinking hats technique is one of the most popular and effective methods used by the veteran logo designers to come up with something unique and creative. Stat with bushing off all the previous ideas and start with a blank page. Name each hat with a color and use each color to look from a different perspective. For instance, Whitehat – to look for what went wrong. Green to seek possible alternative designs. Yellow hat, to energize yourself by imagining that you have already achieved the goal, and so on. This technique will divert your attention from stress and negativity. You will be able to look at the problem from different angles. Eventually, you will figure something out for sure.

10. Ask for Advice or Feedback


One of the easiest ways of learning something is by asking others to help you out. Get some advice or feedback from a professional designer, who is adept in his/her work. If you have a friend in the same industry as you, then utilize this offer or use your connection to get help from veterans. The approach that you are fully capable of figuring out each and everything is dangerous and restricts one`s potential to learn and innovatve things. Having a feedback or just a normal conversation with someone who has suffered from the same problem as you will lessen your stress.

Problems are temporary


Nothing is permanent, neither us nor our problems. As mentioned above, even professional logo designers go through a stage when we are just stuck and end up questioning their abilities. It is in the times of high pressure that coal changes into diamond. Likewise, for the deisgners, it is these weary times that bring out the best version of you. All you need to do is to have a positive attitude towards it, and let the fate unravel its beauty upon you.


The real challenge is not the problem but our approach to solve it.

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