Freelancers Vs. Contests Vs. Agencies: Best Value for Money Design Option For You

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Shannon Robinson

3rd September 2020

Shannon Robinson

While seeking graphical essentials for businesses, marketers and owners get confused about which ought to be their targeted destination – design contests, freelancers, or professional agencies.

There is no one logo designer or logo design agency that all companies go to, which automatically means that there’s no one price for a logo. The frustration here is valid because all of these designers are essentially providing the same thing: a logo.

Businesses compare and inspect the best way to get a job done. They read reviews, talk to people, and conduct extensive research online about the designers or affordable logo design agencies.

While hunting for good design, businesses often become confused about what to choose- Design contest, Freelance, or a logo design Agency.


So, the question that arises is which option, a graphic design agency, design contest, or a freelancer best caters to the business and its requirements?  Which design option lies under your budget?


Clearly, there is no set price or even a standard range of prices for logo designs. The only rational explanation of this is that designers aren’t just providing a product; they’re providing a service, and it is relatively difficult to determine the price of a service.


Twitter paid iStock $15 for their logo. Nike paid a graphic design student $35 for their logo. BP paid $211,000,000 to a logo design agency. These are just a few examples.


Every company that needs a logo has different requests and requirements along with different applications that they want to apply their logo to. Every designer has a different amount of experience, a different method of billing, and a different level of commitment to their projects.

Understanding this fluctuation in both, the client and the designer, will enable the client to have a better idea as to how they can make a budget for their logo design.

Contests – a variety of options, good value.

Contests - a variety of options, good value

A design contest can get business multiple perspectives and different designs.

When businesses only work with one designer, they restrict themselves from one person’s perspective and style only. Sure, a business can work with designers to revise a design into something that’s closer to their vision, but they won’t be able to see multiple interpretations of the same concept like they can do by hosting a design contest.

Design contests are a great way to find inspiration for logo design projects. Not everyone is blessed with an eye for design. Everyone has different talents. If you wish to combine different peoples’ talents and use them to formulate a logo design for your business, you can do it. How?

Host a design contest to have talented designers bring you their best designs. While launching a design contest, business fills out a quick form to let contestants know what they are looking for. After the contest gets over, businesses receive multiple designs, and they pick the best design out of the lot.

These contests last for about seven days or more.  There are chances that the designer might be submitting their work to 10-15 contests a week to maximize their chances of winning.

While there’s a likely chance that the outcome will be terrific according to the vision defined, there’s also a chance that the end result will be sloppy and rushed due to the lack of time.

One way or the other, companies do not get what they deserve. The latter overvalues unoriginal content. If you’re looking for a quick, even temporary solution to your lack of a logo, this route might be safe. Otherwise, steer clear and contact a professional logo design agency that guarantees an amazing result.


Freelancers can be great to work with because they’re often dedicated to getting you exactly what you need

Freelancers can be great to work with because they’re often dedicated to getting you exactly what you need.

Remember, there are few things to make sure before you hire a freelancer.

First, how does your freelance graphic designer charges you: per project or per hour?

Secondly, always look into how much experience the freelancer has. Take a look at their writing samples, and request some testimonials from previous clients. The amount of experience will significantly influence the cost and quality of the final logo design.

Unlike a logo design agency, Freelancers don’t follow a fixed time period. They work at odd times and deliver projects faster.

With freelancers, the company works with one person. Therefore, they have a better chance of getting cohesive branding. But again, the question that may be arising in the back of your mind is,

Are they cost-effective?

The experience of a freelancer is directly related to their rates. The more the experience, the higher rate they will charge.

With a presumably less experienced freelance graphic designer, you’ll be getting someone who may need more instruction, patience, and time than you’re able to give to produce a good result.

While finding the right graphic designer, one must have to be efficient and smart enough to choose a perfect freelancer from the sea of designers.

Every freelancer works differently than the others.

You’ll need to understand the best way to communicate, so you get what you want. There’s also no standard way that freelancers bill. While some prefer taking advance payments, others ask for payment after the completion of the project.

The motivation and intention of every freelancer are entirely subjective. While some work just for financial incentives, others give more priority to satisfying clients and establishing healthy working relationships with them.

Logo Design Agency

Logo design agencies don’t usually just send off a logo

Logo design agencies don’t usually just send off a logo; they send you off with everything.

While smaller and cheap logo design agencies may assign an individual to your project, the best logo design agency will assign a specially trained team of professionals to cater to the unique requirements of businesses.

A logo design agency works in a systematic manner. It conducts extensive research and analysis to create a perfect and timeless design.

If you are in a rush and require a logo design ASAP, a logo design agency is not the best place for you to go. Sometimes, the design process with a logo design agency can take months.

From brainstorming ideas to creating an entire style guide, a logo design agency covers it all. They serve their clients with the best of the best. Further, clients are offered multiple options to choose from. The final logo design is finalized unanimously by both agency and the client.

Instead of hiring a freelancer or arranging a contest, if you hire a logo design agency to perform your task, you will have to bear with them for months.


However, if you wish to work with a logo design agency and want the work done faster, you will have to pay more money.


The amount of money is directly related to the delivery of the logo design. The more money you offer to pay, the faster the agency will deliver the design and vice versa.


The process begins with a “draft and revision” process; professional designers will give the mock-ups of the logo. Clients are limited to a specific amount of revisions.


Logo design agencies have a level of professionalism to uphold, so the process usually goes smoothly. Deadlines are met on time. The experts at the agency come up with great ideas during the brainstorming session, as the artists are knowledgeable about their field.


The only disadvantage that may insist you to try other options is the cost associated with hiring an agency. Some established logo design agencies charge up to $10,000 per logo design. These hefty price tags scare companies away, especially startups. However, it’s important to remember what you’re really investing in the face of your brand.

The Best Value For Money Design Option?

Cost is something that always matters. Isn’t it

Cost is something that always matters. Isn’t it? While researching this topic, we have discovered that the cost of each option differs greatly.

Design Contests – According to the above analysis, launching a design contest is not only time-consuming, but it can cost you somewhere from 99$ to 1000$ depending on your graphics.

For Example- a logo design contest can cost around $99 to $600 on average.

Freelancers-  hiring a freelancer may cost you about $75 – $100/hr on average. This can be either as low as $25/hr and as high as $300/hr.

Agency – Heading for a branding and logo design agency can be quite expensive, as discussed above. A relatively simple project can cost around $10,000. A complex project can cost up to $50,000 or more. Further, affordable logo design agencies can charge less than $10000 but for smaller projects ONLY.

Regardless of the platform you select, the cost will actually vary depending on the type of project.

There are many other factors that should be considered before investing your valuable time and money into any of these options.

Logo design plays a significant role in a company’s success. Therefore, you must craft a quality logo design for your business.

The best option to choose when it comes to quality is an agency as they only work with professional designers who have years of experience in their field. Secondly, the time frame – with a custom logo design agency, your project will probably take a month or much longer to complete the project. To get your design sooner, you always have the option to pay extra or “rush fee,” as we call it, to finish the project sooner.

Freelancers, on the other hand, take up to a few weeks or a few months. Time-wise, working directly with a freelancer is the most variable option.

The design contest takes up to 12 days or so. Plus, this highly time-consuming process does not always guarantee great results.

So, what is the most effective option amongst all three??


There is no perfect answer to this question.

The choice entirely depends on the business’s budget and preference. Freelancing, design contest, and agencies have their disadvantages and advantages of their own.

The most influential factor that affects your choice is the project budget.

If your budget is high and you are willing to spend some extra dollars, then hiring a logo design agency is a better choice. However, if you are finding yourself short on budget, then both freelancers and design contests are good options.

Again, in the end, it depends on your preference and your budget. So, choose those options that fit your pocket as well as allures your heart.

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