Dark Sky Says Goodbye To Android As Apple Purchases The Popular Weather App

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Cynthia Moreno

3rd April 2020

Cynthia Moreno

If you haven’t yet heard the most important news of this year, you certainly are missing out on some tremendous and exciting updates.

Android’s famous Weather App Dark Sky has finally found a new home, and the world does not seem to keep calm on this.

 To briefly go over what has happened, on March 31, Dark Sky from Android unveiled that it has officially joined Apple, and all its current subscribers will lose access to the app by June 30.

Looks like it is a dark day for Android users because the application has already disappeared from the Play Store, but don’t worry, we might have an alternative that will quite do the job for you. Keep reading for that!


What Are The Android Users Losing?


You might not expect people to be so passionate and obsessive about a weather application, but Dark Sky’s user base undoubtedly seems to qualify.

This hyper-local weather application began as a Kickstarter campaign some nine years ago in 2011, promising its users that they will come up with a predictive weather forecast in real-time. Moreover, this weather forecast would be accurate down to the minute while effectually basing off the exact location of the users.


To dig a litter deeper, this was made possible by using artificial intelligence (AI) to collect information and useful data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

This allowedDark Sky to inform its users when exactly will it rain, and what is the expected time for it to stop. By the end of 2015, they were successfully able to serve more than 8 million forecasts a day.


Shutting down the most used Android application means this will soon be exclusive to Apple users, and that is expected to happen by July 1.

However, sources say that Google’s Android OS is not the only platform the weather app will be closing its doors to. Dark Sky would ultimately cease the programming interface by the end of next year, as part of the terms and acquirement.


This means other third-party app developers would be enabled to have

complete access to the Dark Sky’s records on weather.


It is believed that this move would also tend to affect other huge platforms like Amazon and Big Sky, that have both tapped into this hyper-local application’s information to mime its functionality purpose along with the process provided to Android OS and Apple iOS.

Apple`s Sky Is No More Dark

Source: Apple

Apple`s Sky Is No More Dark!


App developers all around the world have been criticizing Apple for the way they run things, or let’s just say their tremendous control over the majority of the developers.

A lot of people also questioned the company’s App Store policies, but Apple has always been planning these kinds of approaches to better the security and privacy on the App Store.

Well, they surely know what works best for them and never fail to take the right branding and marketing steps to add value to the brand as a whole.

The tech giant has consistently been competing against other industry leaders, whether it is about productivity or music.That is why, an antitrust tech expert and critic at the Open Markets Institute, Sally Hubbard says,


Given that these tech guys already have so much market power, I think we really need to be vigilant of them cutting off the access for others to be innovators in the marketplace. Interoperability should be a standard merger condition whenever any of the main tech platforms acquire companies if the merger is going to be permitted.”


Another antitrust expert with consumer advocacy group, Public Knowledge, Charlotte Saliman, says, all sorts of restrictions that limit access to Dark Sky or its API will not be deemed anti-competitive. Especially if enough rival mobile weather applications can duplicate its most valuable functions; however, if Dark Sky is considered exclusive, it sure could raise considerable questions. She says,


This type of change is what antitrust is looking for. Something that was offered that is no longer offered.”



For iPhone users, this amazing weather application will be available for$3.99.


Dark Sky will prevail offering hyper-local weather updates in your area, whether it is about to rain in the next twenty minutes or not rain for the next twenty hours.

What made Dark Sky the best Android weather app was how quickly it could support new Android features.

It offered up a very clean and sophisticated functional design followed every trend in terms of design and provided an ad-free yearly subscription-supported experience. And, the up-to-the-minute prescription forecast was just hard to beat!


What Are the Best Weather Apps For Android Users?

It would not be wrong to say that there cannot be a true replacement for Dark Sky; however, if you are a keen Android user and plan want something similar to Dark Sky, we have gathered some of the best weather apps on Android for you.

Today Weather

Today Weather shows current weather

Souce: Playstore

Easy to use and clean User Interface of Today Weather shows current weather conditions at the top right of your screen with a ton of detail below. It shows an hourly forecast for the day, along with other details such as visibility and humidity. You can also get a weekly forecast of air quality, sunset/sunrise, moon phases, wind conditions, and pollen counts.

This application costs $2.99 per year, but there is a forever option for $6.49 and a six-month subscription for only $1.59.


Accuweather is another great alternative for Dark Sky

Source: Playstore

Accuweather is another great alternative for Dark Sky because this perfect weather application offers the up-to-the-minute precipitation forecasts. Its “MinusCast” feature is quite similar to what Android’s Sky offered. It quickly looks at your area/location to give an update on not only when precipitation might strike, but also its various types and the intensity.

The regular price for the Accuweather app is $2.99, but the new app is on sale in celebration of its availability, so hurry up!


Dark Sky came with, Overdrop is one application that copies

Source: Playstore

When it comes to the simplicity of the design Dark Sky came with, Overdrop is one application that copies that philosophy in the best way possible.

A single page shows all the weather details with cute animations you might instantly fall in love with. The page contains all the information related to temperature, wind details, precipitation along with an hourly update on wind and rain. The only thing you might not like about it is the unavailability of Radar. However, it still is a deal-breaker with an amazingly simple design and animations, and you wouldn’t have second thoughts for.

Overdrop is free of ads and costs $2.19 per year, while $7.49 is for the ‘forever’ license.

The list goes on, but if you can afford to pay for a standard weather app, do not hesitate to choose from these three.

 Life without dark sky is bright if you look at the positive side!

Also, if you have better options and suggestions, do let us know. Just drop a comment in the comments sections below.

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