Conquer Your Industry With These 8 Actionable Logo Design Tips

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Shannon Robinson

29th September 2020

Shannon Robinson

You know what, if you are running a logo design agency or working for one, you must be aware that you are up against thousands of others. With the competition being so tough, everyone wants to outrank the others and become the best logo design agency in USA.

With every company vying for attention in the ever-crowded market of custom logo design San Diego, why should people select you? What’s special in your company? How would your creative logo designers strive to make you number one? Are your logos impressive, unique memorable and recognizable? Do you have any other plans to reach the top of the industry? Are you a customer-friendly logo design agency or not?

All these questions are important and matter a lot. Simply saying, every company wants to conquer the logo designing industry and if you aren’t doing anything special for your customers you will be doomed. No one will care you even existed. And why should they? They have thousands of options at hand.

8 actionable logo design tips to conquer the industry

If you want to make a name for yourself and want to be known as the best logo design company, you will have to follow these 8 actionable logo design tips. Trust me you will find a way through and see yourself amongst the market giants in a matter of a few years if you follow these actionable logo design tips.

Know The Brand

Before your custom logo designers start flexing their muscles, make sure they know a lot about the brand. Having an insight into the brand is very important. As the logo will be exposed to the target audience or target market of the brand, noting down the speciality of the brand, kind of business and market are vital.

For instance, as one of the leading custom logo design Nashville companies, you can ask your client regarding the brand ideology, inspirations and what special they have got for their target audience.

For making an exceptional logo, you must also be aware of the brand personality. Apart from that know whether it is a soft or tough brand, when it comes to the tone. What kind of projection do they want in the market? Having a detailed conversation before starting will make the job easier for you and act as a guide for your custom logo designers.

They will choose the logo elements based on the information provided by the brand.

A logo must reflect the nature of the business

Design a logo that fully represents a client company. The color schemes, typography and image incorporated in the logo must be such that everything aligns with the business and its products/services. Only when a logo perfectly fits into the business and aligns with its products/services, it is able to create a strong brand identity.

When your logo design is well thought out and reflects the business’s attributes and values, the customers will also feel more connected to it. They will get the message.

This is how you can grow big in a cut-throat market.

Make a solid impression with your logo design

You know the importance of a lasting impression. Don’t you? This is what your logo should be able to do for the targeted audiences. A quick look at the logo must be able to catch the person’s attention. It must be able to entice the customer towards the business and its products/services. A logo must be such that it leaves a good impression in the memory of the people who have seen it.

To make sure that the logo is capable of creating a solid impression, every logo design company will design it in a way that it is unique. This will help your logo design to stand apart from millions of logos made every day.

Use colors in a planned way

There is no denying the significance of colors in logos. Moreover, colors also help to enhance the brand’s message. If the logo design is predominantly based on red, it signals towards the brand’s aggression, passion and energy to serve. It may also mean that the brand’s ideal audience is youth.

If you`re having a custom logo design agency in New York, and make a logo with blue as its main color, it will stand for calmness, intelligence and togetherness (due to the millennials flooding the city). Now, bring to your mind the logos of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

The sensible usage of colors is extremely important in logos. Bright and bold colors will help you grab people’s attention quickly. However, using them without any thinking can lead to disaster too.

For instance, you are making a logo for a kid’s clothing brand, normally, you will go with a shade of pink. However, if the logo is orange or black, you’ve made a blunder. Every color has a science and meaning behind it. It hints towards something and evokes a different emotion. To be ranked as the best logo design company in USA, you will have to be aware of the color psychology.

Be sensible with fonts

One common mistake many custom logo designers make is the random selection of fonts without any sense. It’s an eenie meenie mena mo kind of thing for many. In reality, typefaces speak the personality of the brand. For example, a typeface used for a lawyer’s logo or a consultancy firm will be different from the one used for a clothing brand.

A typeface for a business targeting kids will mostly be handwritten. This means the brand is child-friendly. On the other hand, a logo for a rock music band will be bold. This is because bold fonts represent a strong personality.

To make yourself prominent as one of the leading logo design agency in the USA, you will have to be on your toes when selecting the right font. If the font doesn’t communicate with the audiences, the logo will be deemed ineffective, as a result, the company will suffer and so will you.

Think about it, it’s not rocket science at all.

The best you can do is to use unique fonts and avoid gimmicky ones. A lot of high-quality fonts are freely available on the web. Make use of them. Consider Coca Cola as it has one of the impressive fonts in its logo. They are recognized by this distinctive logo.

A Simple one

A simple logo is recognized way early than a complex one. All top custom logo designers in the USA emphasize on simplicity. A simple logo mainly consists of one or two colors, no complex fonts and other important elements. A simple logo is the one that communicates with the viewers and conveys its message in the first glimpse.

However, the logo will not be considered a simple one if it contains confusing usage of colors, fonts, has a complicated idea and shape or if it doesn’t speak on the behalf of the company. Two of the main qualities of a simple logo are memorability and recognition.

Bring to your mind the logos of BMW, Nike, McDonald’s and Apple. Don’t you think they are extremely simple and memorable? Blue and white propeller, a beautiful swoosh or right sign, a large ‘M’ and a bitten apple. Now come to the colors. Pepsi logo has two colors; apple has one, McDonald’s one and the same goes with Twitter.

The simplicity of the logo also means it is neat, clean and well-planned to make sure people can recognize it easily.

Make sure it is scalable

Another attribute that makes a logo design unique and functional is its scalability. Your logo will be the main thing seen on multiple forms of media and ads; social media, print media, electronic media, hoarding, brochures etc. Being scalable lends the business an edge over others.

Simply saying a small logo on a visiting card must look as good as the one on the large billboards. This is what scalability is. If your logo design isn’t scalable and loses its beauty when used across various forms, you better redo it for a better one.

The logo should not lose its proportion. The ill appearance of the major design elements means the logo is a failure and an amateur has made it instead of a professional logo design agency.


If you are brave enough to withstand the tough and bumpy logo design market, you will have to include the above-mentioned points in your repertoire. See, giving impressive logo designs that stand out from the crowd and make a brand famous is what will make you the best logo design company in USA.

If you have the right custom logo designers, who are creative, professional and don’t fear out of the box implementation, no one can stop you from conquering the logo design agency.

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