Bendable Screen Myth – Now A Certified Reality

Ever thought of using a phone that has a bendable screen which you can flip shut to fit those tiny jeans pockets? If your answer is yes, then you are in for a surprise. Samsung Display which happens to be a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics issued a confirmation today that they have successfully developed and tested a bendable mobile screen. This screen is durable enough to be used on mobiles, tablets and laptops alike.

The screen comes with ample protection but this time in plastic of a higher grade rather than glass. This gives it increased flexibility and since glass cannot bend, this makes it further unbreakable confirmed on the Samsung Display website.

What’s more important here is that the screen has a very glassy finish that increase its transparency in terms of viewing. Making it almost as good as the glass counterparts available in the market (also previously supplied by Samsung Display for Apple).

Bendable Screen Myth – Now A Certified RealityThe screen has undergone a vigorous testing process with its being dropped up to times from a height of 1.2 meters. The test has been confirmed to have been successfully conducted by the Underwriters Laboratories which is a testing company for US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Sources from the laboratories also confirmed that the screen was functioning normally even after the testing was completed (all 26 times of dropping).

With such promising results of these tests, we have our fingers crossed and really hope to see such a bendable screen on one of our phones or at least get a view in the upcoming mobile congress presentations.

It should be noted that a Samsung Official had confirmed that such a Samsung foldable screen device was indeed in the making and was to be released soon when he talked to the media in September about potential new releases in 2018.