Ace Your Gradient Logo Designs with These 10 Actionable Tips

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Shannon Robinson

3rd December 2020

Shannon Robinson

You might have seen logo designs of Instagram, Firefox, and Asana. You may notice something common across all these logo designs. That’s right: it is the gradient logo design.

Gradient logo designs tend to be a bit controversial because many people consider them dated or cheesy. But we can all agree on the fact that if designed right, these logo designs can be significantly impactful. A qualified graphic logo design company knows well how to create the most striking gradient logo designs that meet modern standards.

Before we share some in-depth detail about gradient logo design, it will be worth talking about what a gradient is.

What is the gradient? Graphic Logo Design Company


Gradient refers to a gradual blending of colors or shades. It may consist of a blend of colors in the same shade or a blend of various colors. Many people also use a gradient that flows from color into transparent.

To generate the gradient effect, you will need to make the colors bleed into each other. Stacking the colors side by side will create a colorful design, but it will not be a gradient design.

When you may choose a gradient logo


Creating a gradient effect in branding has been considered a dated tactic until some time ago. Quite recently, the trend of creating gradient logo designs has re-emerged, which means that it is one of the ways you can stand out among your competitors.

The shift of colors in a gradient logo design can help create a 3D effect, which makes the logo to show some in-depth details. For instance, you may want to look at the logo design created by VERSACE. The shift of shade within the logo design makes it pop off the screen, which seems incredibly appropriate.

Nonetheless, it is not a good idea to choose a gradient logo design only because it may help you stand out or because it is trending in the industry. The first and foremost requirement is to see whether or not a gradient logo design fits your requirements. The logo design has to resonate with your audience. You may want to consult a graphic logo design company for guidance in this regard.

Here is what you may want to know before choosing a gradient logo design.

  • Gradient logo designs are most appropriate for online purposes. These are tricky to print, so you may want to choose a different type of logo design if you need to print it on paper or other surfaces.
  • A gradient logo design is well-suited for the creative industry.
  • You can choose a gradient logo design if your logo has to include a symbol or monogram.
  • Adding a gradient effect will work best if your logo is simple and minimalist.

Tips to create gradient logo designs


Whether you want to design your gradient logo yourself or hand over the task to a graphic logo design company, you will want to keep the following tips or factors in mind to make sure that you are not going wrong anywhere in your logo designing endeavor.

1. Keep it simple


A gradient logo design looks professional and attractive only when it is simple and subtle. Creating a too-intense gradient logo design can get complicated and difficult to grasp. You will also want your logo to be printable on most surfaces. Creating a complex gradient logo will only make it unprofessional.

2. Pay attention to contrast


Pairing your logo with a colorful background can become a bit challenging task due to the need to create an appropriate contrast between colors. The logo and the background will alienate each other if they have clashing colors. On the other hand, you do not want the color of your logo to get lost in the background. The contrast between the colors is crucial, but you have to make sure that all elements in the logo design represent the same mood.

3. Create a solid version of your logo


Most gradient logo design services in the USA first create a solid version of a logo before deciding whether or not to make it gradient. There are various advantages to creating a logo this way. You will know if your logo can be prominent with or without a colored background. It will also help you know whether you need a gradient logo in the first place. As mentioned above, a gradient logo design works well only when it resonates with your brand and audience.

4. Make sure to use the right colors


The purpose of the gradient is not just to make a design look trendy or aesthetically pleasing. You will also need to make sure that the colors and blends insert meaning into the logo. For instance, using rainbow colors in the logo of a jewelry brand wouldn’t make any sense. Similarly, you wouldn’t want any colors other than the shades of blue while creating a gradient logo for a brand that provides clean water solutions.

5. Try your logo over black and white backgrounds


What if there is no background behind your logo? What if this logo is on a black surface? You will want to try these designs on product mockups and other surfaces to see if your design does well. These experiments will also help you make your logo more versatile. The fact of the matter is that top gradient logo design services in USA use these tactics to create the best gradient logos for their clients.

Some advanced tips for creating gradient logos using Adobe Illustrator


6. Use Gaussian blur inside the logo design


By using Adobe Illustrator, you can create a gradient effect without even using a gradient tool. The process is quite simple – you can create a few shapes of different colors that overlap each other. Selecting all shapes and applying the Gaussian Blur effect will make the design look hazy and burry, both of which are the characteristics of a gradient design. Every graphic logo design company out there uses this technique to create professional gradient logos.

7. Create harsh lines


If you want your logo design to stand out among other logos in your industry, you may want to use harsher lines without turning away from the gradient effect. Adobe Illustrator allows you to use color sliders in the gradient panel. You can drag these lines around to create the effect that you want.

8. Add some texture


Gradient designs generally present a very digital look, which may sometimes look boring. Adding texture to the design can change things up a bit. This design change can promise a significant impact on your audience because it helps you look different from your competitors, and that too in a good way. The easiest way to do this is to use a grainy texture over the design. Gradient logo design services in USA use this same approach to create state-of-the-art logo designs with textures.

Adobe Illustrator has this option under the main menu. You can click on the Main Menu, go to Effects Gallery, and find Grain. There are various Grain settings that you can choose from to give your logo design an entirely new and refreshing look.

9. Play with typography


Many gradient logo design services in USA use typography while creating gradient logo designs. By combining text with gradient, you can discover countless design opportunities that can allow your brand logo to stand out among a crowd of competitors. With so many fonts to choose from and so many gradient effects available, you can create a typography-based gradient logo that speaks on behalf of your brand.

While using Adobe Illustrator to create a gradient, typography-based logo design, you can create outlines of your text before applying the gradient effect. This option, named Create Outlines, is available in the Type under the main menu.

10. Create a glossy illusion


You can work on two shades of the same color to create a 3-dimensional, glossy effect in your logo design. You will find this option particularly helpful if you are using gold or silver color in your logo design. In Adobe Illustrator, you can use this option by combining the Grain effect with the glossy gradient.



With all the tips mentioned above, we hope that now you have enough details regarding how to create a gradient logo design. Now, whether you want to design a logo yourself or hire a graphic logo design company, you should have enough information that can help you decide if you want to choose a gradient logo for your brand representation.

The purpose of the aforementioned tips is not to teach you how to use the gradient effect. It is rather about explaining the possibilities that you can consider to create a logo design that represents your brand well in this age of fierce competition.

If you want to leverage the endless possibilities for your business and branding purposes, we suggest you contact a reliable graphic logo design company now.

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