A Comprehensive Guide to Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Business

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Shannon Robinson

23rd September 2020

Shannon Robinson

Instagram, a platform that started as a trivial social media application has now crossed over 1 billion users globally. Just imagine all the people visiting your profile every day!

There’s no denying that Instagram has given businesses a forum to reach the mass market that was otherwise not as easy.

Who knew, it would blow up to be such a powerful online business platform.

With billions of users…

The one thing that everyone first notices when visiting your profile is how it looks. When managing a business or brand on Instagram, you need to first focus on creating a visual appeal of your profile.

If customers don’t like what they see, they tend to bounce to competitive brands.

So, what elements make it appealing?

This includes the logo design you have for your brand along with the overall profile aesthetic. The brand colors and how you put them together, catchy images, and contact information are all a part of how you create the aesthetic. The design ideas of the template, together with the logo design that you create for your brand, need to be innovative, simple, and eye-catching.

Have you also taken to Instagram to grow your business?

Well, the first thought in your mind would be to attract customers and grow your followers. Naturally, the next query would be related to how would you achieve a good number of followers who value your brand. All these points would make you wonder why Instagram post templates are being discussed and how do they related to everything mentioned.

It’s ok, don’t panic, take a deep breath here!


Instagram is a visual medium, where customers first fall in love with the way a profile looks. After that, they decide if they want to associate themselves with the brand or not.

Implying that the best way to attract customers to your profile is to create an aesthetically pleasing timeline or Instagram grid as we know it.

Instagram templates play an incredibly important role in creating a visual appeal which entirely depends on the design ideas you have for your profile. As your template hold everything necessary, including the logo design as the front face of your online brand presence.

In this blog, we will be discussing how you can create the best templates for your business profile.

Understanding What are Instagram Post Templates


Templates, simply put, are the pre-made layouts most brands and businesses on Instagram use to create posts

Templates, simply put, are the pre-made layouts most brands and businesses on Instagram use to create posts. These ‘layouts’ are created according to the needs of each brand.

The template created needs to be unique to your brand traits and aesthetics.

Each brand on their personal template showcases their business logo design, contact details, and brand colors.

The templates become extremely useful because customers can gain the necessary information without having to go through an intensive research session.

Did you know, you have only 7 seconds to capture the attention of your audience?


This is where the design ideas come in. They should be eye-catching and straightforward because you only have a window of seven seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Once you have the attention, you have to convince customers to spend a few minutes browsing through your profile. A clean and organized profile convinces them to actually start following you and ultimately make a purchase.

The Instagram post templates are used by every successful brand owner who use Instagram to market their products. Profiles that do have attractive templates will lose customers if they put too much information on the images they add to the post. You want to cut as much written information as possible and convey most things visually.

Let’s use an example here…

You are a logo design agency that works on creating business logo designs. The pressure is on and you cannot yourself have a visually displeasing profile yourself. So, you have to think of something out of this world for yourself that makes your company align with the services that it offers. Otherwise you risk losing your credibility in the market.

This is why it is absolutely imperative that you work on the aesthetics and design ideas of your profile, you have a theme that is cohesive and makes sense in relation to what the brand stands for.

What do we mean by creating a cohesive theme for the Instagram profile?

Cohesive theme would mean that everything you put on your timeline is characterized and makes sense according to your platform. Let’s discuss that next.

Creating a Cohesive Theme that Binds Brand Vision in the Instagram Post Templates


We have already discussed creating an aesthetically pleasing platform

We have already discussed creating an aesthetically pleasing platform. But, do we understand what we base the design ideas on?

As mentioned before, the logo design, brand colors, and contact details are the three most essential components that need to be considered when working on the template design ideas.

We cannot just randomly throw things on it and expect the customers who are landing on our page to understand it.

Everything that goes on the profile should be a reflection of who YOU are as a brand.

New followers, when reviewing a profile, first see whether they can understand what a brand is all about or not. Having a profile that is consistent in the way it represents itself is important so that customers landing on your page understand you and all that you are about.

How to Create a Cohesive Theme?

To create a cohesive theme, you need to keep a few things in your mind, such as choosing a theme and grid layout. Then comes the color palette you want to follow. Then you need to decide what you post about and which filters would look good on them. You also need to decide the hashtags that can be best associated with your brand. In the end, you need to determine the best time to post so that it reaches the maximum users and schedule the rest of your posts accordingly.

All these steps not only attract customers to land on you page but there is the inclination to stay on it and discover more about you. Eventually they will reach out to make purchases. Many leading brands keep a keen eye on how and when are they posting. This makes sure they always have a strong online presence and customers always wait for when they would be publishing something new.

Instagram post templates are the easiest way to build brand recognition and increase the recall value. The design ideas of the Instagram post templates should be well thought out to cultivate the theme you want your Instagram profile as the templates reinforce brand recall.

Always keep in mind…

This is not just about the post you put out today, the entire grid matters. This means that when someone is viewing your profile, they will be going through old posts also. Always keep the whole grid in your mind and how visually pleasing you want the entirety of your profile to be.

Now you must be wondering how you can create the Instagram post templates. Let’s move on to the actual how of the entire discussion.

Building Instagram post templates

Think Out of the Box

design ideas that best reflect your brand

Let yourself lose and try to come up with design ideas that best reflect your brand.

Templates created are usually of two types.

1. Templates created from scratch

Coming to the first point of creating the template yourself means you need to put your designing skills at work. The thought process behind this is to put together what your brand holds close to it and create the template from scratch encompassing the main brand idea.

You determine the colors you want to highlight on the Instagram grid, then comes your logo design, which should be placed strategically on the template. The logo needs to standout, after which your focus shifts to highlighting your contact details. This template is created by you for your brand to represent everything it stands for.

2. Pre-made templates that are readily available


Then you have the pre-made template applications available such as Canva. These applications allow you to pick the template of your choice, customize it, and use it accordingly. All you have to do is place the image or video of your choice in the template.

These applications provide single template design ideas, and at times, they also have design bundles available. The use of these is limited, and you would also find other brands using these templates, which would look similar to yours.

For better design options, you have templates being sold on these platforms. That would mean getting better design and less popularly used templates, and you would have to let your pocket a little lose. That would allow you to make changes the way you want to customize it according to your needs. These may be found being used less often by most brands.

Keep Innovating Your Post Templates and Design Ideas

Trends and design ideas keep changing with time

Trends and design ideas keep changing with time. The way you approach your followers and create the templates also needs to keep innovating.

The entire point of understanding how to make an Instagram post template is that you need to create brand recognition for yourself at a broader level.

We have understood what design templates are and why they are so important. Survival for brands is essential, and innovation is the key to that. It would help if you also kept innovating and improving to stay in the game.

Keep working on your design ideas and keep your business profile presence fresh, organized, and pleasant on the eyes with your innovative template design ideas.

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