8 Key Takeaways That Help You Stay Away from Bad Branding in Houston

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Shannon Robinson

21st December 2020

Shannon Robinson

As a leading Houston logo design agency, the most important part for your business is branding – more specifically logo designing.


Well, because logos are the main representative of a brand. They act as a symbol or mark of identity for your brand to help it stand out. According to an expert Houston logo design agency, branding starts with logo designing as it is the first things customers see and remember.

That’s why,

When it comes to branding, you know how important it is to focus on not just one but all the aspects of branding to come together and shine as one.

Let’s understand bad branding first!

You can have the most robust logo representing your company but if it is used with weak strategy, it will not have the desired impact on the audience. This will lead to you not gaining any customers which would ultimately result in you having losses.

All of this can easily be avoided. How?

By ensuring you implement the following key points of branding to ensure effective branding for your Houston logo design agency.

Let’s dive into the points that can save you from bad branding and create a positive impact on your customers across Houston.

1.   The Name Says It All!


You want your customers to remember you, your name contributes to it and having one that doesn’t resonate with them is the biggest mistake you will make.

Just because it sounds fancy, doesn’t mean you should give your Houston logo design agency or any other business for that matter that name. Appropriate name along with a proper explanation to go with it should have the honor to represent you.


Simple… You don’t want to mislead your customers; they will only give you one chance to associate themselves with you. You need to ensure your name has that customer pull that resonates with them.

Always sit down, give your brand the proper name to ensure that when it goes out in public it makes sense to the customers. You don’t want your products and services to be overshadowed by a poor or weak brand name.

A name should be natural and flow of your tongue easily!

vision and mission


2.   Keep Your Vision Clear!


You need to be focused on what you want to achieve and not get diverted from the vision you have selected for your company.

Long-term vision gives you a clear idea of what your company needs to do in order to achieve essential milestones in its life. This is an ongoing process but an integral part of good branding.


Because… Quality!

Quality is one thing that customers always value whether it is the services you’re providing or the products you’re selling. The vision is achieved by keeping that in mind.

Consistent quality and keeping an eye on your vision help you as a leading Houston logo design agency or any other business to keep your profits up also. Profit is what all businesses are in the market for. This is the best way to ensure you do keep earning those profits.

3.   Inconsistency is Not the Key


The world that we live in now consumes visual information more than written information, you have to create visual consistency.

As a Houston logo design agency, you know how being visually sound will have a positive impact on your business. Written information is secondary now, customers are first attracted by the visuals that they see. Customers are more likely to choose you over competitors when you have an aesthetically pleasing online platform and stores.


It is much easier to remember images when walking by. When you have too many words on an advertisement many people don’t tend to not read and just focus on the picture. So ensure you really work on the quality and the type of images that you will be using to brand your Houston logo design agency.

Houston is anyways very busy, imagine people going about their day, you wouldn’t want them to put in the extra time. You want to make their life easier, do so with consistently high-quality images.

Stand out from the crowd with stunning visuals associated with your Houston logo design agency.

Top of the competitors


4.   Always Be on Top of Competitors


Its only a matter of a move when your competitor takes the first place, ensure you always have one eye out for what they’re doing.

Your competitor is the biggest inspiration you would have, to actually make a move or not. Branding is all about creating a buzz about your Houston logo design agency. If your competitor has made a move before you, look into the results of that move.


This is because is the move your competitor has made is successful, you can use the same idea to inspire your campaign. When being in the same field, you can make use of similar ideas. Ensure that you put your own twist to them. If the competitors move has failed then you can make a list of things that you would want to avoid to brand yourself.

You don’t want to repeat mistakes and become irrelevant in the eyes of your competitors, market research is always a great idea.

5.   Communicate to Your Customers Directly


Its always great to let your customers know what you are about, but you have to take the time out to listen to them also.

Your customers are your biggest support, they will always be the best guide to let you know what you’re doing good or bad. The branding ideas that they would give your Houston logo design agency to brand yourself better would always ensure the best results for you.


The more customers feel heard, the more likely they are to relate to you. It always helps to add to that by letting them give their opinion and then you acting on the feedback they give you. So, ensure that you do take out the time, listen to them, and then also implement what they have told you to do so.

Houston Logo Design agency - right budget


6.   Make the Right Branding & Marketing Budget


Investing in a plan as per your brand requirement is the best way to ensure good branding for your Houston logo design agency.

Branding is an investment and it has its seasonal cycles that you do need to take into consideration. There are two kinds of branding and marketing that everyone works on, which are online and offline. Depending on the type of brand you are you need to choose and invest in that type of marketing.


This is because if your customers don’t know of your existence and don’t find you anywhere, they are less likely to know about you or trust you. This takes away from the purpose that your Houston logo design agency was created for. A budget should be set for the type of branding you want to focus on to ensure a more robust place for yourself in the market.

If you don’t spend the right way on branding, it will have adverse effects for your business.

7.   Stand by Your Individual Brand Personality


Its all cool when you’re taking inspiration from your competitor, its dangerous when you start forgetting your own individuality.

You as an independent Houston logo design agency have an individual brand personality than that of your competition. Being in the same field, you are allowed to take inspiration but putting your own spin to it is the most important part. The more you keep your individual personality intact the better it is for you.


Branding is all about letting your customers know about who you are. The more you start looking like your competitor, you customers would not believe in your individuality. So, ensure you don’t cross the inspirational line and become your competitor.

8.   Keep Innovating!


Evolving and innovating is the best way to keep your customers interested, the moment you stop doing it is when your business starts becoming uninteresting.

Customers are always looking for something new, it could be something big or small. It can get difficult at times when you keep working on the same thing as a Houston logo design agency. But that is where you really need to pull up your socks. Customers want someone who has originality to brand themselves to represent them also.


It is your job as a leading brand to ensure things don’t become stagnant. When you get too comfortable customers get bored by getting the same thing. They move on to find the next happening thing and that is where you fall short.

Your branding should be all about being original and innovative. This would ensure you never lose the interest of your customers. You should not overdo it but you shouldn’t really let things get too boring also. It’s all about finding that perfect balance.

Don’t get too comfortable, this worked the last time, this time, bring something new.

Which branding mistakes had you been making as a Houston logo design agency? Let us know in the comments below.

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