Getting A Logo Designed: 8 Key Factors to Consider Prior To Placing Your Order with A Designer

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Shannon Robinson

10th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

Businesses these days fight harder than ever before to be ahead of competitors in their niche market. They do plenty of market research, work on their marketing strategies, and look for ways to enhance customer retention and customer acquisition. But above all, they ensure to invest most of their time, energy, and money on buying an iconic logo online.

A professional and alluring logo will undoubtedly go a long, long way. It is the first thing people notice about your brand and plays a crucial role in branding your business.

If you are about to step into the business world and are looking to buy a logo design online, this blog will help you choose the best one out there. We will discuss everything you should consider before placing your logo order.

Below are the 8 golden rules of a great logo design:

1.    Develop a Brand Strategy


Before buying a logo design online, it is imperative to work on your brand strategies so that the designer would design a logo that best suits your vision and ideology.

Brand strategies help provide a blueprint upon which an attractive logo can be built. Strategies usually will involve collaboration with essential partners of a company, designers, and clients. These strategies will give you direction and purpose. Without a plan and some upfront thinking, you will be stuck on the back foot.

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Whether your logo ideas begin with a one-page design brief or a sophisticated brand tactic, you will need a clear purpose. You also need to get your hands on a brand strategy report so that it will be easier for the designer to perfectly reflect your ideas through the logo. If you do not know your brand well enough, there is no way someone else, even the designer, to make a high-quality logo showcasing the brand vision.

1.    Know Your Target Audience


For effective and result-oriented businesses, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your target audience. The target audience is all the people you will be targeting in order to get sales of your services and products.

Do you yet know who will be buying your products? If no, you are definitely going the wrong way here. It is important for business owners to know their clients/customers and the designer or web development company they are getting the logo designed from.

You cannot buy logo design online and then decide exactly who will be seeking what in it. Knowing your target audience gives you a clue of what they might look in a logo design and what can be emphasized. Moreover, exploring your target audience can also help you make the right products and services for them.

To begin, the demographic information is the key to find out your audience. Consider the age of the audience and the gender you will focus more. Also, look if your business is likely to appeal a particular group having special interest.

2.    Do Not Follow the Trends


When buying a logo design online, many people think trendy patterns, cool illustrations, and unusual typefaces are the things to impress clients and viewers. Some professional designers fall into the trap of rushing into new logo design trends, ultimately becoming a cliché.

Just because it is trending does not mean it will work out for you in the long run. Keep in mind that trends come and go, and sticking to a particular trend means being stagnant forever.

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You do not want to buy a logo online today and get it redesigned next year because the trends have died out. Always focus on what goes best with your brand message, the products you deliver, brand mission, and other things to stay.

1.    Read About Logo Types


Just like people, logo designs can come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. It can as simple as a wordmark or as complex as an illustration. There are no hard and fast rules for which strategy would work best for you. You can experiment with different colors, sizes, and types, but the important part is that it fits your beliefs and principles.

Now, figuring out and exploring what fits the brand message means not limiting your thinking to a particular approach. Why not be adventurous before finding out the right one? In fact, that is actually how you will filter out the best when buying logo design online. You do not really have to wait for a designer to figure out everything for you because nobody knows your brand better than you.

Once you discover and experiment with all possible formats and designs, you will have a hunch about the right logotype.

Talking about the different types of logos, they can be:

Pictorial marks: These are logos in the form of pictures. For instance, the logo design of Shell and Apple.

Abstract symbols: This is a symbol representing the brand. Nike and Think Pepsi are examples.

Emblems: A shape or holding device a company is inextricably connected with. Warner Bros and Starbucks have emblems as their logos.

Letterforms: These are company initials, for instance, Unilever and Think IBM.

Wordmarks: conveying brand personality through a word or pure typography. Google is an example.

2.    Know Human Psychology


You do not need to have a degree in human behavior and psychology to identify the perfect for your brand online. Just a little research will certainly do!

Human brains are naturally hardwired to process shapes before words and colors. That is why the right symbol can make brands to stop using an entire name.

We often acknowledge shapes and pictures before language, which is worth bearing in mind when you are to buy logo design online to compete in a highly congested sector. Logo designs that tend to use distinct symbols and colors become more recognizable through repeat exposure. For instance, Apple and Nike are two names that have chosen to drop their entire name to use symbols. And, do we even need to debate on the effectiveness of their logos?

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Of all human senses, our sight plays the most significant role in creating a memorable experience. It is crucial to think about how the brain can process logo designs instead of compromising on the first design you get. Here are elements to consider for your ease:

Shape: Comes first. Leaving a lasting imprint on the memory is easier with a distinctive shape.

Color: Color comes second in this sequence. Colors can evoke emotions and generate perceptions. However, choosing the right color can be difficult.

Type: Type comes last as our brains take the most time to process language.

1.    Choose the Colors Wisely


As we just discussed, colors are effective but hard to decide on. The color theory, in itself a complex world where there are unlimited rules to follow. For instance, some of the basic color rules are:

  • Make sure to utilize colors near each other on the color wheel. For instance, for a “warm” palette, go for orange, red, and yellow hues
  • The logo should look as good in black and white as it does in other colors. It also should look iconic in grayscale
  • Do not use colors that are hard on the eyes. For example, colors that are too bright
  • It is fine to break the rules at times, just be sure to have a great reason to!
  • In the case of wordmarks, make sure the “text” color is darker than the background. Dark enough that the text is easily readable

Knowing how different colors can evoke different emotions and moods is of great value. For example, if you want your brand to reflect strength, you will know which color to use for your logo.

You can either go with monotone or choose a multicolored logo.

Keep in mind as you explore different color combinations, it is also important to see if it matched with the overall feel and tone of the brand. Similarly, you can play with individual colors and observe which distinct shade harmonizes the brand vision. When you are to buy logo design, online designers give a bunch of logos to choose from. Knowing the right color can make this decision easier for you. This can also help you choose the right designer. If your prospective designer uses colors that seem wrong to you, they probably lack the color theory knowledge, and you should look for another candidate.

So, you see how a little research can go a long way.

2.    Consider the Competition


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Competitive analysis is the key to building a brand and differentiating it from others within its space. It will not be wrong to say that with most of the groundwork for your logo, you might now have an idea of your competitors. But it still is worth a final search so that nothing stops you to buy the perfect logo design online.

The hard work will all be wasted if the brilliant logo you chose is virtually identical to the one used by one of your closest competitors. Or maybe by one of the world’s well-known brands out there.

Do your homework. Check out all your competitors. To buy logo design online, you must also check out the whole sector. Observe the symbols they use. Why is that particular brand using blue? Why wordmark over an emblem? Look for all the possible ways to make your business the best one out there, and for that matter, its logo as well.

1.    Make a Logo Shortlist Page


A simple method to improve your decision-making when you are to buy logo design online is setting yourself some clear criteria that you can use to judge your shortlisted logo designs. This will help you avoid the issue of “design by committee” and ensure you make the right choice for your business.

How to make a logo shortlist page?

To put it simply, choose two to three logo designs that you think best go with your brand concept. Even two would do.

Now give points to each of these logos based on the color, target audience, psychology, shape, and everything we have covered so far in this blog.

You will know which one to pick.



Your business logo should be an outstanding and memorable work of art that can reflect the vision, mission and message behind the brand before you could even explain it. A professional logo is one that not only looks great to the eyes but is scalable and fits in all sizes and physical platforms.

The tips mentioned above and tricks will help you buy an appealing logo online and make your brand stand out and apart from the competitive market out there.

Meanwhile, if you need expert opinions and suggestions, we would be more than happy to help. Drop your questions and queries in the comments section below.

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