8 Actionable Tips Towards Making Your Logo Designs Timeless.

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Shannon Robinson

18th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

When we talk about logos, there are several misconceptions going around and even the best online logo design services fall into the trap of these fallacies. Sagi Haviv, a New York-based graphic designer and a partner in the design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, while talking to Tedx Talk 2017 explained the fact by saying, “People think they have to be interesting or pretty or move us emotionally. In fact, a logo doesn’t have to do any of that. It has to work so it can stick around–and over time, it builds recognition.”

According to Sagi, called “logo prodigy” by The New Yorker says people tend to overcomplicate their thoughts, strokes designs, and whatever they try to convey on behalf of their business, institute, company of team. This overdoing has also been noticed in some other designs made by the best online logo design services in the USA.

Simplicity means memorability; memorability means timelessness


A simple philosophy we came to know from a leading custom logo design company is that it should be memorable. It must be such that people are able to remember it for a long time. If the creativity doesn’t stay in the memories of the viewers, it is of no use. It’s a mere wastage of time and effort.

However, if you focus on a design that is simple, has the ingredients to make it memorable, able to go as it is for many years after its inception, and incorporates creativity that is understood, such a logo can benefit you in the long run. Such a design not only helps you build a strong customer base but also plays its part in making your brand trustworthy.

On the other hand, a design made by not caring about the important concepts can dent your brand’s reputation. This is why it is important to consult a reliable custom logo design company that understands the potential of a well-designed logo and know the significance of timelessness. This will help your brand have a face that will have you something that will separate you from the pack.

Importance of a timeless logo


A logo for any business helps to draw the attention of a targeted audience. While buying products or services, it’s the logo that is seen first by the people. It is often proof that the product/service people are buying is genuine and from a trustworthy company. So, it is best to come up with such a logo that creates a first solid impression when your prospects view it for the first time.

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This is where having a memorable, unique, and timeless logo plays its part. It not only helps your business send a strong and to the audience but also gives them an impression that you are a well-reputed service provider. This is why every custom logo design company emphasizes the fact that designs must be creative. A proper thought process behind it helps you make your place amongst your competitors.

To succeed in their ever-competitive business world, a timeless logo design having aesthetic value can help you make it large. We’ve seen that a lot of businessmen and managers think that making a design is not a difficult endeavor; however, in reality, it is a mean feat. Not only the conception and idealization but the designing part and making mockups take a lot out of you.

Actionable tips for making a timeless logo


The process of making a timeless logo is quite complex. Yes, any person can make one, but let us tell you that it won’t do your business any good when you will look at it from a branding aspect. This is why we suggest you contact the best of the best online logo design services providers and let them do the job for you.

They are the experts at it and have spent years on this thing so let the pros do it. Still, if you are interested in knowing some actionable points that will help you a great deal in making a dream logo, stay on the page for a little while.

We will tell you 8 tips to making a timeless, simple, and memorable logo that will not just be a combo of shapes, typography, color, and design that impress, but they will help you in creating your company’s unique brand value.

8 carefully chosen tips, for making timeless logos, you can’t miss


1. Simplicity is the key


A logo isn’t a test of your skills related to creativity, illustration, and typography. In fact, it is a test of your insight as to how to represent your brand via a symbol. It puts under a microscope your skills of presentation, catching people’s imagination, and being memorable.

A simple that is easy to grasp helps your brand immensely and lets you succeed in engaging your existing and potential clients. When your audience is able to identify and debunk your logo without any effort, they are more attracted to it and relate to it more often than not.

It isn’t a mandatory thing to add your brand name or any other caption. If it is simple and easy, your audience will identify it with no second thought. These types of logos stand the test of time. Take the example of Mastercard’s logo.


2. Dynamic, not static


Two characteristics; flexibility and adaptability must be there in your logo design so that every person can understand it without any complications striking their mind. Making it rigid means less possibility of adding innovations and improving it over the course of time.

Having a dynamic logo means you have something that appeals to a varied audience having diverse tastes.  And this is where a custom logo design company can serve you immaculately. They are masters of the art and making a dynamic logo for them isn’t a big deal.

3. It must be filled with versatility


Have you ever thought about what makes a logo different from others? It’s the versatility. Having a versatile logo at your disposal means your representative symbol becomes popular amongst the masses. This in turn means that your brand becomes admired and liked by many.

While creating a logo, it is important to switch on your imaginative mode and see how it looks like on all your branding stuff like coffee mugs, caps, ballpoint pens, visiting cards, and other merchandise.

One attribute of a fantastic and timeless logo is that it is not bound by any color. Rather it looks great even in black and white and other occasional colors like a number of logos turn to pink on Valentine’s Day and green when they show solidarity with the eco-friendly movements.

4. There should be a story in your logo


People are always interested in stories. If you want to succeed with your logo, tell them one. Take the example of Apple’s logo; it has a logo history and story hidden in it. The same should be your motive to tell them a story hidden in your logo. Talk to any of the best online logo design services providers and they will help you in this cause.

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They will tell you that to make a timeless logo for your business, it must have a meaning to it and it shouldn’t only be a piece of art encompassing a sensible usage of color scheme, pattern line and text etc. The ideology behind a logo is a must. A solid storyline and thorough planning are the other two things that are emphasized by each and every custom logo design company in the USA. This way, your clients will show more interest in your logo leading them to your business. This will eventually push them down the sales funnel which is your ultimate goal.

5. A timeless logo is always memorable


Making a logo that permeates into the minds of the people must be your utmost goal. The way it makes the way in the subconscious of your clients can do a world of good to your business. A clever interpretation of an idea or story is your best chance of making it to people’s minds and creating a positive vibe for your brand. Over the decades, audiences of all sorts like logos that don’t have something hidden in them and that makes them think a bit; like the Baskin Robbins and Toblerone.

6. Be creative with your color usage


One of the most important aspects of making a timeless logo is a sensible and creative usage of colors. Take your time and be at your best when incorporating brand colors. This is really important because colors have meanings and everyone points towards an idea and communicates with the audiences in a different way.

It is important to be considerate of color ideology and chemistry especially when you have a multicultural brand. Talk to a custom logo design company and they will help you choose such colors that will help you grab the attention of your customers and advice the best ones for your targeted audience.

7. An original logo shows your individuality


We’ve seen so many businesses falling for the idea of matching popular business logos and trends etc. However, it is important to note that trendy logos done stand the test of time because trends fade with time. Also, trying to match a popular business’s logo will be done at the cost of your individuality.

Providers of the best online logo design services are of the view that copying the large or famous brands’ logo will mean that you don’t have your individualism. This way, your logo will always be known to be a copy of a large brand. Always prefer a logo that infuses your own idea, which perfectly represents your brand, is targeted towards your audiences, and inspires them.

8. Use negative spacing to your advantage


The way you use the negative space in your business logo shows your artistic flair. It must give an idea to your audience that you have a solid business represented by such a crafty logo. Use the negative space to your advantage in such a way that it subtly blends your ideas and specialties of your business.

One perfect example of a timeless logo that uses negative space is FedEx.

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We at Uptown Logo Designs take logo designing very seriously and never let our customers down in aspects irrespective of the size of their business, niche, and region. One of the many specialties that make us one of the best custom logo design company is that we specialize in making timeless logos that perfectly represent your brand on the global stage.

If you also want to take advantage of our experience, professionalism, and mastery in the field of logos, just contact us. You won’t find the best online logo design services provider in the USA than us. We are ready to impress you.

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