7 Key Logo Design Tips That Can Give Your Business an Edge in Denver Colorado

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Shannon Robinson

24th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

Designing a logo isn’t a simple task for a logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado. It takes time and effort to craft a brand’s visual identity and positive first impression. That’s why businesses hire an efficient logo design agency to give their business an edge in Colorado.

Skilled logo designers are in high demand as they create stunning logo designs that impact the customer’s perception and their purchasing decisions related to a brand.

According to David Airey, “What’s important is to create something that you believe is different from anything already out there.”

As a designer, owner, or an affordable logo design company, before you design a unique logo, get some insights into your brand and target customers. Find out the brand ideology and then see how it will affect your decision to make a perfect logo design.

So, if you need any logo design tips to give a competitive edge to your business, here are a few tips to help you out with the process.

1.    Brand Impression



You need to know your brand first before creating a lasting impression on the market and your customers. For instance, when you look at Amazon’s logo, it instantly reminds you of the leading online storefront that sells everything. That’s how a professional logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado, creates a logo that entices the customers to buy your products with its first look.

You can create a great brand impression by incorporating new concepts and techniques to make your brand stand out in the market. If you don’t have a clue about how to create your own logo, you can also hire an affordable logo design company.

This will help you design a better logo design than your competitors to create a good first impression. Remember, your brand impression matters the most to make lasting connections with your customers. Make sure to work on it and consider taking up affordable branding solutions.

2.    Experiment with Colors


Uptownlogodesign - Logo Designing Agency in Denver, Colorado.

As a brand owner or a company that offers affordable branding solutions, experimenting with colors helps determine your brand’s message. For instance, if your brand message is fierce and bold, you can pick the color red for a passionate and energetic theme. If it’s related to health, you can go for a lighter color like blue to create interest and bring peace to the people.

As a professional logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado, it’s vital to know the science behind using colors. If you’re aware of the psychology of the colors, you may know that bright and bold colors attract more attention than lighter colors. But, if your brand personality insists on adopting a lighter theme, you should go for the one that resonates the best with your brand.

Here’s a quick break-down of the Color Psychology in Logo Design:

Red: bold, energetic, passionate

Green: organic, peace, growth

Pink: fun, funky, empowerment

Purple: evocative, wise, vibrant

Blue: professional, reliable, tranquil

Black: elegant, powerful

White: pure, clean

Yellow: sunny, positivity, optimism

Brown: sturdy, historical, steady

Orange: youthful, friendly

It’s crucial to carefully pick your logo colors if you intend to deliver your brand’s message to the target audiences effectively. If you go for a digital agency that offers affordable branding solutions, you may notice how they play well with different colors. It’s because they know that colors have a science of their own and are vital for any brand’s design success.

3.    Use Fonts Wisely


Fedex & amazon - simple fonts

Whether you’re a logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado, or a brand owner, picking the right fonts can give a cut-throat competition to other brands. Many designers make the mistake of choosing typefaces randomly and not paying attention to the brand’s personality. However, a few professional designers understand that typefaces are important as they reflect more about your brand’s image.

For instance, if your brand is related to music, picking bold fonts can personify it and radiate a stronger vibe for your target audiences. Just make sure that your typeface speaks for your brand and sends the right message to your potential customers.

As an affordable branding solutions provider, you can use fonts like Helvetica, Trajan, Sabo, Bobber, Futura, Bodoni, and many more. Make sure that you use consistent fonts throughout the design journey and don’t create ambiguity while using them.

Choosing an affordable logo design company in Denver will also help if you’re a brand owner to use the right fonts on your logo design. With the right fonts and colors, your brand identity can achieve maximum reach and long-term customers.

4.     Decide the Logo Type


Uptown Logo Design - Types of Logo

When going for affordable branding solutions, there are different types of logo designs. These are the monograms or letter marks, wordmarks, mascots, abstract, pictorial marks, emblem, and the combination mark. They all have their own unique propositions and speaks for your brand image itself.

Some of the popular examples are the logos of IBM, Coca-Cola, Ray-ban, etc. They all feature a visible company’s name. While brands like Pringles or KFC all have mascots in their logo designs. Therefore, the type of brand image you want to portray depends on the type of logo that you choose for its advertisement.

But, if you’re looking for a symbol like the Apple logo or Ford’s emblem, it can cost you a lot of funds to generate brand awareness. Hence, hiring an affordable logo design company can help you build a contemporary logo design and choose the right logotype for your brand.

5.    Keep It Simple


Uptown Logo Design - Simple Logo Designs

For logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado, a simple bespoke logo design can lay more emphasis on your brand image. Ensure not to use more than two colors or fonts with a modest and straightforward logo design. It should include limited colors, elements, or fonts to provide a clear brand message at first glance of the logo. An affordable logo design company knows that using complex shapes and confusing colors or fonts can send mixed signals to your target audiences.

Therefore, it’s good to keep it simple and memorable. For instance, if you look at Nike’s logo design, it’s a simple swoosh symbol while Samsung’s logo has one color. Such logos are easy to recall and captivate the mind of the viewers as they are understandable.

Remember, complex logo designs befuddle the memory but, a simple design becomes a part of it. Hence, hiring a logo designing agency that provides affordable branding solutions can help you create a positive brand identity with a simple logo design.

6.    Make It Scalable


Scalable logo

Another useful tip is to make scalable logo designs. Remember that your logo design will appear in a variety of advertisements and on all media. So, it should look impressive when scaling it up to larger proportions on a magazine cover or a billboard.

Hiring an affordable logo design company with a sense of proportion to adjust the logo on a smaller surface or larger areas is a bonus for your business. It will give your business an edge in the market and help your brand stand out from its competitors.

If your brand symbol is scalable, it will help you provide a better ground for testing purposes. You can retouch, recreate, design with more feelings and aesthetics this way by acquiring affordable branding solutions for the success of your business.

7.    Impressive in Colorless Version


Colourless logo Designs Apple and Wikipedia

The final tip is to develop a powerful logo design in black and white. If your logo appears appealing naturally in its non-colored form, it will eventually look good with the right set of fonts and colors. Therefore, hire an affordable logo design company and try to make a better colorless version before experimenting with the colored versions.

You can also use the colorless version on various documents, newspapers, ads, and many other items. However, it should create a lasting impression on your viewers and spark their interest in your brand.

The trick is to sketch the logo design first with a pencil and if it’s impressive, then fill it with colors accordingly. A professional logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado, will know how to create a colorless emblem for various purposes. So, consider hiring one for a timeless logo design.

Don’t Rush for Instant Success!

Remember that renowned brands like Nike, Amazon, Puma, Audi, and companies with iconic logo designs took the time to gain popularity and success in the market. The best logo designing agency in Denver, Colorado possess a great understanding of brand principles and represent the company visually.

If you want to create a powerful logo design, make sure that you understand your brand inside out to convey your brand’s message. With these tips, your business can create a memorable symbol specific to your brand personality by acquiring affordable branding solutions.

If you’re still confused, you can go for an experienced design agency. It can help your business envision a successful logo design according to your business’s needs and objectives. However, don’t forget to add these tips on your way to logo designing.

Let us know what you think about these key logo design tips for your business in the comment section.

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