5 Tweaks That Set Your Logo Design Typography Right!

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Shannon Robinson

13th October 2020

Shannon Robinson

Need a killer logo design for your business, organization, team or institute? Worried that you cannot have a great design without a casual script? Relax people! Things have changed and anything that was considered as a secret formula for the success of the logo a few years back is considered useless now.

Now, you can come up with fantabulous business symbols based on custom typography logo designs and some simple shapes to go along with it. One important thing to note here is that if you’ve planned to go on with a text-based logo, make sure you are consistent in its use.

Secondly, you got to keep on varying it; even some small tweaks will do the job. This is important because you are not setting your text in one typeface. And this is what top logo design services providers recommend.

Talking about the tweaks, we have gathered some useful info regarding simple tweaks required to make a typeface based logo. These 5 tweaks or even one of them is enough to lend your logo the innovative and unique look

Text logo design

To create text only logo for your business, you have to put together the usage of the right font and little bit of pomposity to make it attractive and a perfect fit for your visual brand. Remember, custom typography logo designs are in and many businesses are taking advantage of its trouble-free sophisticated attributes.

Even if you are playing with alphabets, you can still achieve so much. What you can do here is:

  • Shuffle the weight of your letters. Make them light; airy, bold, heavy or however you like them.
  • Mix n match your alphabets. If you think all caps suits you, go with it, if you want to bring in some lightness; the lower case would do the job. You can go with some capitals, some small and one differently designed for people to focus on.
  • Choose whether you want straight letters or slanted; italic etc.
  • What color would you like to use? Will it be the same color for all letters or varied?
  • Will you add a shape to give your logo that exclusiveness? Some examples of custom typography logo designs are given below.

Change the color of one or more words in your logo

Changing the color of words to separate them or make them visually pleasing is the first tweak. This color change can be applied to separate 2 or 3 words. If you heed to color change, you can either remove the space between two words or come up with a different look, never seen before.

The best thing about this tweak is that it is equally effective for light and dark background. To separate the words, outline one of the two. To get the best out of custom typography logo designs, while in illustrator, make sure you set the stroke outside the shape of the letter instead of the inside.

If you don’t follow it, your carelessness may result in a changed appearance of the letter.

Change the font of one of the words or letters in your logo

Change the font of one of the words or letters in your logo

If you are smart enough to insert this tweak, you can own a wonderfully stylish logo for your business or organization etc. You can either change the font of one word (if you’ve got two words) or you can change an alphabet or two to give your logo an ultramodern look.

Providers of top logo design services mostly don’t change the typography family and adjust only the weight or slant. However, you can always do something that you like or suits your style like completely changing the typography family.

We’ve seen many brands following this tweak where they separate two words and make one bolder than the other. Here you can experiment a bit more like making the other word, thin, light, medium, bold, black or put more emphasis on it.

Just by altering the fonts, the words can be separated. Moreover, this way you don’t need any spacing between the two words. If your text logo is based on one word, the changing of words of one or two alphabets brings in the x-factor to your logo.

Professional logo designers mostly change one letter instead of the entire word to give a more contrasted look.

Add a box around your logo

Add a box around your logo

Let’s now tell you how to spice up your business logo but without doing anything fancy like adding icons and other intricacies etc. Use your business name in whatever font and color you like and add a box around it.

Samsung did it quite successfully. Although their letters weren’t completely enclosed in the box neither it was a box. It was more of an extended curve but it did the magic for Samsung. Another famous example of it is LinkedIn’s logo. According to top logo design services, if you have all letters of the word in the capital, you can take full advantage of this tweak.

As there is no variation of the height of capital letters, they will look good with a box around them. While adding the box, make sure it isn’t too tight around the letters nor it is too wide as this way, the letters will seem small and the overall shape of the icon can also be disturbed.

You are under no obligation of making the box of the same color as text. If the box color is different than the text and it looks good, you can go with it. You can experiment and whatever pleases your eyes, seems unique and memorable, you can select that.

You can either use rounded corners or the solid 90 degree ones. To get the best out of custom typography logo designs, you can use a solid coloured box behind the text. This will not only create an attractive contrast but the text in front will also catch the viewer’s attention.

Add a punctuation mark or separator mark to the logo

If you want to go an extra mile with your logo to make it distinctive, you can add punctuation or other simple shapes to the text. This is actually a super exciting tweak and for this, you got to have a simple shape and no need to get fancy.

Simply saying, think out of the box to amplify the beauty of your logo. Go for geometric patterns and shapes like circles, lines, arches, and squares etc. Experiment by rotating your square 45 degrees; what do you get a diamond.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong with trying a separator between two words or letters. Moreover, you can add a shape either at the beginning or the end of your word. You can also do it above or below the text. This will act to make your text logo a vivacious one. People love them Not to forget, you can show your creativity inside the letters, if there is a margin. Take the example of O and D.

Manually change the shape of a letter in your logo

If you think all the above tweaks cannot bring you a sophisticated and million-dollar logo, try this one. Here, we are advising you to alter the shape of an alphabet to get the desired look for your logo. However, this tweaks, being a bit complicated may require you to have illustrator skills or someone doing it for you with basic Illustrator knowledge.

Just like professional logo designers, you will have to select your text logo and go to the Type menu. This is where you can create an outline to change your text into shapes. Here you can select that one letter which you want to change to enhance your overall logo text. Choose and make it taller or shorter by vertical strokes.

Just check the image below and you will notice how Lindsay Adler and Flipped Lifestyle have shown their creativity. Just see how they have played with the As in the former and the Is in the later. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. You can do whatever you want.

This technique can be fun and you can experiment dozens of things before rolling out the finalized version. You can have a subtle or a striking finish based on how much variations you’ve done with the shape of one letter or letters.

In the end, we just want to tell you that you should not limit yourself to these 5 tweaks related to custom typography logo designs. There are endless possibilities and tweaks that can set your logo design typography right.

If you are in the USA and looking for the best company that can help you come up with a top-notch and amazing text logo for your business, institute, organization or team etc, custom logo design agency San Antonio can be your best bet.

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