5 Fundamental Principles Logos are Based On

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Shannon Robinson

13th December 2019

Shannon Robinson

With the advancement of digitalization, the logo design industry has also picked up pace in affixing its place as the crown of business communication. In fact, Paul Rand, a famous graphic designer, describes the logo design of a business as the jewel in the crown itself, which shows how much power does it withhold in today’s speedy communication world. It acts as not only the face of your business but also an essential foundation of your business that sets you apart from your competitors. It, therefore, should be made sure that it not only looks relevant and eye-catchy but also conveys customers that your brand or the services you offer are professional, trustworthy, and only the best they can get!

Crafting a good logo that best defines your brand message is a tough job. An effective logo tends to work across a variety of media platforms and applications, and a logo company should be able to present an integrated image of your company that just suits all tenacities. The graphic designers, therefore, follow a strict procedure taking every factor into account and consider the task as accomplished only when the desired goals are achieved.

Logo Design

5 fundamental principles that every designer or expert in this field follow are:

5 fundamental principles that every designer or expert in this field follow are:
1) The logo design should be simple!
2) Does your logo look memorable enough?
3) The logo design should be timeless!
4) Is it versatile and scalable?
5) Don’t forget to entail creativity and innovation to your design!

Simplicity of the Logo Design:

The most important part of designing a logo for your business to not to over complicate it with too many whistles and bells. Remember that people will not spend hours trying to figure out what your logo depicts. Everybody is in a hurry these days, and one might only have seconds to watch your logo on a billboard from a zipping car or your products being displayed on a store shelf. So, make sure that you keep it as simple as possible as this way, it will quickly get into people’s memory.

Logo Design

You might have noticed that some of the top brands from Apple to Nike and Adidas have added minimalistic details to their logos and have kept them simple and easy to recognize. We all know how successful these brands are, right? If having complex logos just to impress others would have done the job, then many of these brands would have failed, but that is not the case. The important part is to entail originality and innovation to the most straightforward designs so that people recognize your brand name the minute they have the first encounter with your logo design.

Make it Memorable!

Logo Design

An ideal logo design becomes the reason behind the company’s success, especially when making an entry into new markets, and all this is only possible if your logo design facilitates an easy recall. The onlookers will not forget your brand thus way, even after the quickest of glances. Of course, a customer will only engage with your products and services offered if they can remember you.

The best way to bring forward a memorable logo is by having a unique idea and concept behind it. People will memorize you faster if your logo does not look similar to any other company’s’ logo. So, make sure to entail creativity and not go for designs that have already been used in the market niche. For example, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are distinct from each other when it comes to their logos, and this is why people never confuse the two. Once people start recognizing you, they will suggest your products to their friends and family, and hence the revenue can be upsurged in no time.

Is your logo timeless?

Imagine that you feel the need to redesign your logo after some time, and your customers start losing trust in your brand. Well, that might sound scary, but not keeping the timeless factor of a logo design can actually get you in huge trouble. Remember that your logo should go out in public only when you are sure it will go a long way, keeping all the future products and services into account.

Logo Design

Look at the Shell Oil Company logo that was made in 1904, and even after twenty-five-plus years, it never has gone out of style. Make sure to come up with a logo design that will look as great and appropriate in the next twenty years as it looks today.

Versatility and Scalability of the Logo Design:

While giving a visual representation to your thoughts in the form of a logo design, keep in mind that it will be printed on a wide range of surfaces, from large surfaces such as billboards to smallish paper stamps. Your designed logo should be versatile so that the details are visible on all kinds of surface areas.

Logo Design

An ideal logo design should also look great in black and white just as it does other colors. If there is any way the logo is depending upon the colors entirely, then it cannot be called a versatile logo. The fact that it will be up on all the advertising tools and products of your brand from t-shirts to social media platforms, it has to be scalable, keeping in mind the digital world today is so diverse. It is, therefore, wise to ensure the scalability and versatility of your logo design first.

Make it as creative as you can!

Logo Design

With so many brands and new products being launched in today’s cluttered marketplace, it is hard to convince people that you are the best amongst your competitors. A creative logo design, however, can not only convey your brand’s message in the most effective ways but also make you stand out in the crowd. Keep in mind that you only have seconds to impress your target audience, so make the most of it by crafting an innovative logo that nobody has ever seen before. As yourself over and over if it looks unique and appealing, yet entails the theme correctly, and then proceed to the next step. It is okay if it is taking you more than usual, but do not compromise on the creativity of your design, which definitely pays you back twice.

B). YES, we can!

A). Can we help you?

We understand that designing an ideal logo that best matches the wavelength of your work can be a daunting job. We, therefore, have done our part of the research and sorted out this for you!

Uptown Logo Design will assist at every step to get your customized logo design in the best of prices. They make sure the heart and essence of your brand is imitated through your logo while enhancing its overall look.

We are not just the best in town for their award-winning work (hence the name), but you are also about to have the best experience of your life with designs through and through!

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