2021 Font Trends: Which Font is Leading the Way in 2021?

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Shannon Robinson

11th January 2021

Shannon Robinson

Although when we consider 2020 there is no doubt about how bad of a year it has been for everyone around, being in corona, victims to a pandemic, it has been horrible honestly. Even though these horrors prevailed there was still so much progress done in typography. When you think about the creativity that has prevailed in typography, 2021 seems like a great year with many font trends and Typography logo designing services.

2021 promises a year of nostalgia and remembrance, with the resurgence of the classic fonts, specifically the Futura Now and Helvetica now. Everything now a day is trendy that offers a classic vibe. We can see big trendy brands, book covers, posters, logos, and garments are using classic fonts.

This passing year 2020 has been one to have hit us all hard and everyone remained nostalgic for days on. The experience has to lead people to realize the value of the past and simpler times too. This turn from modernity into classics concerning font types is brilliant. It is offered by custom logo designing services.

A simple example of this turn to classics is embodied by Koto’s impressive identity and image for Meatable, which is a company that is attempting to return to old harm-free meat values using the GT Alpina.

If you are someone interested in typography or a designer interested in checking out new modern fonts, then there is a lot of content you can easily find. Most of the 2021 fonts are creative and ingrained in a combination of modern and classic. You can check them out and more at custom logo designing services.

There are a stunning amount of new fonts that you can check out but we have worked to compile below some of our favorites and the most impressive fonts of 2021. Within the current times, there is no limitation on the number of fonts, but these are sure to express more creativity and aesthetical value.

Serif Fonts




Financier Fonts

In 2014 a team which was lead by two individuals Mark Leeds and Kevin Wilson drew with this font for the redesign of Financial Time newspaper, since then Financier is available at Klim Type Foundary. It’s a very classy, elegant, and authoritative serif that portrays the nobility of British heritage. It does this by displaying an aesthetic that comes from the classic letterforms of Eric Gill. This font focuses and matches on all platform, with aesthetics that are pleasing and comfortable.



Jazmin Fonts

This font debuted last September, this font is actually a playful take of modern values on Morri’s Fuller Benton’s designed font Globe Gothic, it can be found on custom logo designing services. This font particularly was published by Latinotyope and was designed by Eli Hernandez. Jazmin is a beautiful font that is suitable to use for a variety of purposes such as advertising, logos, packaging design, branding design, short passages, etc.



Moranga Fonts


Moranga is a retro serif that mixes different styles of the font to a classic and elegant design. This font was released this January and it combines Cafe Brasil’s flowing font and organic shapes with other elements from the most popular fonts of the 1970s such as Cooper and Souvenir. Moranga is available at custom logo designing services in five weights and similar italics to match. This font was designed by Sofia Mohr for Latinotype and it is considered a brilliant choice for headlines, high-impact designs, and machines for display use. Moranga font is truly versatile in itself containing 400 characters and is applicable for more than 200 Latin based languages.



Apparel fonts

This classic font shares a set of similar functions and characteristics with Times New Roman and Caslon, although Apparel has more of a personality. This font is impressive for high impact designs, the medium-large x-height makes it the best choice for platforms like headlines and brand designs. This font isn’t limited to one boring version but rather you can find its other version with more contrast between thick and thin, this helps with clarity for large size designs and prints. This fond was designed in the modern day to suit the needs by Daniel Hernandez and Alfonso Garcia.

GT Alpina


GT Alpina fonts

GT Alpina can be considered an old font with its debut in 2011, almost after a decade, it was still a one=off typeface. This font was originally designed for a book that celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Swiss Foundation. This font is designed to the steady rhythm of classic book typography with better-measured proportions. The latest version of this font is designed by Reto Moser, can be found on custom logo designing services, published by the Grilli Type earlier this year. The font has great features that showcase its class, the distinctive top-heavy lowercase described as a ”workhorse serif with a twist” The font keeps its personality and functionality with impressive grace.

Display Fonts


Mirtha Display


Mirtha Display

”One thing is for sure, 2020 has seen the continued boom of display faces being released, and I’m sure we’ll see these rolled out in 2021.” Type designer Jonny Buchanan said this statement and it is hard to argue with him. This font is at the top of everyone’s list, it debuted in October this year. Mirtha Display is a decorative font that is clean and classy, it has the ability to create chains. You basically have to make some shape in illustrator and then type @@ to form a hyperlink on it. It can be used in a variety of areas because of its art deco inspiration. This font is used for posters, logos, packaging. branding, headlines, books, magazines, and more. This font was modernly designed by typographer Guillermo. Mirtha display supports different languages such as Latin, Euro, Turkish, Baltic, Greek, etc. It’s one of the most versatile display fonts.



Degular Fonts

There are some fonts that are basically attention seekers but there are others that fade into your background like white noise. Designed by James Edmondson, Degular is a font that aims to do just that. It was published by OH No Type Co in April this year and comes within the visible sizes, that are equipped with Roman and Italic Styles. This font is considered to be huge for the typography Oh No Type Co in 2021, although some people wish for it to remain unique and not be used by the ordinary crowd because of its style.

Sans Serif fonts


Anguita Sans


Anguita Sans fonts

This font was originally designed by Sofia Mohr for typography by Latinotype. This font is a new kind of sans that is condensed and debuted this October. It can be found on custom logo designing Services. The font is characterized by founded terminals, a large x-height, and a structure that is condensed allowing the designers a lot of opportunities to form a great vertical rhythm. The versatile font is very suitable for titles and other short lines of text in general, both in print media and digital media.



Jeko fonts

This font is actually a re-designed version of Aventa which was crafted by Ellen Luff. This font is a new geometric type of sans serif which launched this September. This font is actually made of strong shapes and cleaner circles, which are interwoven with a twist on modern cuts and sharper edges. The font as a whole is very complete, bold, and refined. This confident bond has features like a high X-height and stronger capitals, which provide a degree of visible aesthetics across a lot of weights. The font has been optically crafted for legibility excellently. This font is available as a variable font in custom logo designing services and is the ideal choice for an interface design.



Versus Fonts

The next font is actually inspired by the Latin American wrestling posters commonly used. It is a type of system designed for use every day with short and blocks texts. The font was originally designed by Marcelo Moya Ochoa for Latinotype. The font dates back to January 2019. The fonts orthogonal terminals that allow it short ascenders and descenders have made it the ideal choice for posters, branding, short text, logos, isolated words, and titles, etc.



GoldPlay fonts

This font is designed by Enrique Hernandez and was published for Latinotype. This font Goldplay is the evolved version of Isidora Sans which features rounded soft terminals. This capability gives it a confident, friendly, and expressive look. Whilst at the same time the large x-height makes up for a needed touch of class and elegance. The font was actually launched in October last year. This is a refreshing combo of the modern and classic styles with determined proportions fit for headlines, magazines, books, logos, and motion graphics.

Final Say


If you need to be trendy and stay up to date with the latest designs and innovations, then you should check out some of these fonts. These highly rated and favorites trends are set to light 2021 on fire. You shouldn’t stay behind the times and create viral content with the help of these fonts. Design and innovation have a central place in digital media, they can be a make or break phenomenon for any brand or product. In order to be the best, you need to be the most stylish and creative. These fonts are definitely there to help you be the best version of creativity and design.

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