Does your Logo Need a Tagline?

Does your Logo Need a Tagline?
Taglines are also commonly known as ‘Advertising Slogans’ or ‘Straplines’. Brands that have an intention to look different among its adversaries may perhaps include a tagline in their branding stratagem. Ranging from Nike’s Just Do It to McDonalds I’m Lovin’ It, these slogans have something exceptional to regard about their brand and the organization beyond. An apt slogan or a tagline connects the audience to the brand and that is how brand affinity is enhanced.

Appraising the Need of a Tagline

At times, a logo is as acknowledged as its slogan is, though the slogan is easier to remember and renders the logo redundant. A well-recognized tagline is recalled as the brand’s identity in the long-run after being assimilated for years. A business can either support its brand philosophy through a mesmerizing tagline that may perhaps remain tangled in the client’s mind. A superficial tagline also demonstrates apposite brand gains so as to prevail over their adversaries.

It is important for businesses to communicate their fundamental message and objectives clearly to their audience that drive them to retain sustainability amid the fast-paced market. an exquisite tagline is thus, designed to portray the business message perceptibly brand promises are often communicated through their unyielding taglines. A tagline should be clear, precise and obvious in all terms, so it may stick around in the client’s intellect. It is an emblematic illustration of your brand that the new and existing clients will persuade.

Key Attributes of a Tagline

An impressive tagline may perhaps enhance the value of a company and uplifts its credibility. The logo or the tagline, represents a business or brand essentially, and either one of them may lead the business to the next level. A creative and appealing strapline needs to be adequately eloquent for the client to express his perception as regards to the brand, which is further elaborated amid the four primary characteristics;


This attribute refers to, if the strapline encompasses the eligibility to progress towards a span of decade. For instance, “All the News that’s fit to Print” is pursuing with The New York Times since 1980s.


An influential website eventually persuades our language, culture and media at times. Taglines are something we hear and pass-by every now and then.


A tagline in general, should exhibit a neutral impact of a business or brand and gradually becomes assimilated with the brand and the product.


The brand needs to innovate new ideas and concepts to stay unique amidst their competitors an impressive tagline with a pertinent logo design service will surely break new grounds.

Brainstorming is the first step whilst coming up with any inventive resourceful idea. The above discussed four components are more applicable to larger brands, yet they are to be kept in mind whilst brainstorming for other projects.

Logos with taglines are often considered to be complicated and are overlooked. Though it is not easy to decide on whether a business should incline to a logo design or should induce an effective tag-line. Numerous examples demonstrate the scrupulous definition of why taglines are exactly needed. In certain, its s defined as an extension of the logo design that significantly illustrates the company’s core objective.

Reconnoiter your choices with our Expert Designers

A professional designer will listen to the client’s requirements first and then reconnoiter their choices so as to come up with the best possible consequences. If your confusion still remains active, then you should first take into keen consideration what you actually intend to convey with your logo. Eventually, it is adequate for a logo to exactly convey what the business is all about.

Having an effective brand name is not sufficient for improved brand affinity, an intellectual logo lends a thriving opportunity to illustrate succinct brand image. Contrarily, successful taglines put forward superlative adjunct to your logo assuring a precise demonstration of your brand. The main aim is to establish a persuasive brand, though at times, a tagline creates great impression.

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