10 Trends in Logo Design 2018

As we enter the second to last month of 2018, we have a history of ten months of work done by various logo design companies. Analyzing their work and the number of accepted projects this year we have the 10 top trends in logo design for 2018.

This trend had been developing towards the end of 2017. At the start of this year we saw many major companies switch their logos to plainer ad simpler versions of their existing over the top logos. The minimalist approach has to do with plainer colors and doing away with irrelevant elements. This trend was also evidently visible this year as the year saw more and more people going cross platform with their services. This was a challenge to most logo maker companies as more and more logo designs are now being made keeping in mind the changing needs of the market. As well as the ogos looking equally great on each platform. Even right now, the minimalist trend is very much in use.

Sharp & Crisp Shapes & Text
Parallel to the minimalist approach, sharp shapes (showing off clear lines, edges and points) together with clearly placed text that gives an overall crisp appeal can be seen as prerequisites. The end results are impactful masterpieces that are all visible in their entirety in just a glance. The final logo designs are not only minimal, they are powerfully vivid giving away geometric symbolism.

Stacked Letters
This Logo Design Trend has been in and out of trends since 2016, more so because it gives away the logo at first sight. This is a great trend to follow if you have a long brand name, or if you are keen on incorporating a longer tagline as your logo. Ideally, the letter stacking logo design is aesthetically placed logo design where you would see letters stacked in a column form to build a meaningful word. What follows is letters that are chaotically placed to give an appealing overall feel. These logos offer great visual appeal and leave a lasting impact on the audience. Given below are just a few designs that explicitly display why this style has been in trend this year too.

The slice logos have been in trends since the late 2017, however they have stayed in the trends throughout this year. The great thing about this trend is that is plays with negative spacing being part of the logo as a whole. The white spaces are strategically placed around lines and elements to give-off a 3D appeal. The logos are light and minimal appealing and create a definitely lasting impression on the viewer.

Illusion Designs
The use of negative spacing with shapes to form an optical illusion has been a trend throughout 2018. The idea is to place shapes of varying sizes and textures around white negative spacing that it gives off a 3D appeal together with a hidden message which works more like an optical illusion. Given below are some logos that work best to explain the concept and why it has been a favorite of many logo makers.

Font Variations
Apart from playing around with shapes and negative spacing one more thing that has been a favorite with designers this year (and will eventually continue through to the next) is playing with fonts. The trick is to use fonts, experimenting with the shape and layout. Not just this, the use of elements, icons and imagery in the place of fonts or in the middle of a word has been part of the trend. As you can see below, the placement of a horse head within the “HORSE” logo design not only is relevant but goes along the letter shape.

Ever since Instagram went ahead with a remake of their flat logo design using a flat icon in gradients. Many businesses related directly to Instagram followed suit. Seemingly, as the trend formed many logo design companies started using gradients as a new way of differentiating otherwise plain and simple logos.

In 2016 after the Instagram logo was revisited and made into a flatter and gradient based design. Many unrelated businesses who wanted to get on the change bandwagon followed suit. Such was the case with MasterCard. The catch here was overlaying elements needed to be played with, giving a vivid reference to the original MasterCard logo. Since then, the overlay concept has been revisited by many brands to portray a differentiating and diverse appeal. These overlaying elements together with gradients incorporated give off a very eye catchy allure.

Embossed and Stamping
This year one of the most popular types of logos were those that depicted stamping or etched an embossed outlook. These logo types are often designed keeping the design within a shape, commonly a circle referring to a stamp. The overall feel of the logo is supposed to look very vintage. It should be noted here that keeping along the vintage feel, colors at times for such logos are kept retro. This leads the design to be very sharp and explicit.

One of the most flat designed logo concepts are simple signatures. However, signatures are not limited to personalities using them to show their agreement. Signatures have widely been used by brands to set a classy yet distinguished class. One very classic example could be Balentines Wines using the signature style logo on their bottles – aimed at the rich and elite class. This style of logo was quite popular this year however the fad seems to be dying out towards 2019.

The Windup
This year has already been witness to these and many, many more design trends. Each of them having a back story that relates to their buildup and why they became popular in the first place. However, all these trends in their entirety will be too long for this article. As we speak, the year is still unfolding keeping t trends up and running for many of the ones discussed above.

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