Work in Progress for a foldable 5G phone – Huawei

This week saw the successful launch of the Huawei Mate 20 and the Mate 230 Pro. During the phone launch event, Richard Yu CEO of Huawei said that the company is currently in the process of developing a 5G phone which will be completely foldable. Responding to a question posed by Digital Trends, Yu confirmed that the company has been planning to launch a foldable phone, which would have 5G capabilities very soon.

Since July of this year, there have been various rumors circulating among tech vines that Huawei is planning to introduce its, and the world’s first foldable phone. Their plan is to beat Samsung to market and reap the benefits of being the first movers. However, plans have changed with the mobile company now confirming that the foldable phones will also be having 5G capability.

There were various tech tabloids confirming the news that 5G phones from Huawei were a confirmed thing since the company had been actively pursuing the development of a chip, Balong 5G01, which will have the capabilities to support the very new 3GPP network specification standard introduced for 5G. Moreover, Huawei has also been confirmed to have invested $600 million in its devices to upgrade them into being 5G enabled. Which brings us to then possibility that foldable screens may as well be a case.

In other news, Samsung has announced that it will be holding a developer conference next month. For which, the Samsung Mobiles CEO DJ Koh had hinted during his keynote appearance that the company will be introducing a foldable phone. It should be noted that Samsung has been in the working for a foldable OLED screen for couple of years now. Also, it was during 2012 that Samsung introduced a flexible AOLED screen named Youm. Most recently, Samsung had filed for a durability certification for its unbreakable OLED display components.

Reportedly, the foldable screen that Samsung has been working on will be a tablet that users will be able to fit into their pockets. The device will also be among the ongoing Galaxy line of tablets. Going along in the same lane, it has been rumored by techies across the mobile industry that Huawei’s 7.2 inch Mate 20 X is at most the preview of what their foldable phone screen will look like. Up until last year, foldable screens were termed a far-fetched reality, however, this is becoming more and more of a reality with such tech giants introducing (or let’s say planning to introduce) these foldable devices. Also worth mentioning here are Microsoft, which is planning to introduce a foldable device that can be pocketed along its “Surface” devices. Also, Intel which is planning to introduce a dual screen computer.

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