20 Best TV Company Logos and What they Denote

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Cynthia Moreno

4th February 2020

Cynthia Moreno

TV Logo Designs

It is our common habit that while we are changing channels, we stick to our favorite ones just by glancing at their logo designs. Ever noticed the colors and typography used in the logo designs of the TV companies? They are designed with such perfection that viewers stick on the channels by only looking at them for once.

According to Jacob Cass, Logo designs are made to identify. No matter what the business is about. The logo designs must be made with the sole purpose of grabbing viewers’ attention within the very first glance, along with covering the entire personality of the organization.

Characteristics of TV logo designs

Logo designs are meant to be enduring, engaging, and doozie! Every TV channel works intending to achieve the highest rating. Any television company that does not consist of an iconic logo design cannot gain phenomenal ratings.

Below here, we have discussed some significant features of an iconic logo design that every television company must keep into consideration before getting their logo designed or former to rebranding.

Be Simple

Crafting a complicated logo design cannot grab you a massive list of audience. To achieve the goal of being easily recognizable, it is must to be simple. Always remember the simpler, the better. However, this is the point when a professional logo designer shows his exceptional skills and come up with a blend of creative and simplistic logo design.

If you want anything to grab the most attention, then LEAVE IT SIMPLE

Be Distinctive

An iconic logo design is a unique one. Every TV channel has its own philosophy and ideology. Every individual is attracted to different kinds of ideologies. For a TV brand, it is essential that their logo design clearly states their entire brand message. So, to exist as a distinctive channel, to have a unique iconic logo design is the key!


Be Memorable

The whole effort is to leave an impression on the audience. It is a must for the TV companies to exist as a great logo design. Focus on not being non-forgettable will mark you as a leading brand.

Want to be immortal? Focus on being timeless

20 Best TV Logos and What They Denote

Moving forward, each tv channel is made with a whole philosophy behind it. Keeping that in mind, every channel also consists of a unique theme at the back of their logo designs. In our blog, we have enlisted the 20 top-most viewed TV channel companies and what they denote. Scroll below to read it!

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel Logo

One of the best Television company is Discovery Channel. The channel airs Educational, Informative, Intelligent and well-researched programs and seasons. Based according to the theme, the world within the circle of their logo denotes the idea that they are covering the whole world. Moreover, the formal font type indicates their dedication and seriousness regarding their work.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel Logo

National Geographic is also one of the most popular informative channels that airs around the globe. The objective of the channel is to inspire people and care about the planet. The Yellow color is used to denote hope, warmth, and sun (light). Hence, the yellow-colored rectangle represents the sun without which our earth would never have existed.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet Logo

Animal Planet is yet another informative channel. It makes original and vital content that spreads awareness. The shades of green color focus on nature only. Each of the green hue is depicting some kind of natural features, for instance, forests, jungle, grasses, etc.


NBC News Logo

This is an entertainment channel, and NBC’s iconic logo design, denotes a couple of hidden meanings. First of all, by looking carefully – one can easily recognize that the channel is signifying itself as a peacock (and this is also shown at times in their Animations between programs). Moreover, the time this logo was drafted was when the TV channel’s logo designs used to be in black and white only. Thus, being the pioneer of colorful logo designs, they sent this message to the world by using a peacock signifier, that they are proud and bright as a peacock!

Furthermore, the six different color feathers also denote the six separate divisions of NBC.


Netflix Logo

Netflix is the most viewed entertainment channel that airs movies and television series around the world in many languages. The red color in their logo design is enough to evoke emotions of the viewers. One of the main features of this channel is that it airs intense programs. Shadowing this theme, the designers have crafted their logo design, which also represents intensity. Hence, a simple single letter along with the most potent color combination, is the best example of a simple but memorable logo design.

Home Box Office – HBO

Home Box Office - HBO Logo

HBO is the 7th most popular entertainment TV channel. As described by the fans, HBO airs exciting, engaging, and forward-thinking content. The HBO logo design is simple. However, the circle within the ‘O’ denotes the ‘camera reel.’ Thus, the logo art gives an impression of a production house.


Hulu Logo

The next top loved TV channel is HULU. The main objective of this channel is to provide easy to understand, light, entertaining, and addictive content. By looking at their logo design, anyone can tell that their logo has covered this entire idea of providing light and compelling content to their audience. The green and white color gives out a relaxing vibe, and the font tends to make viewers feel enlightened.


ABC Logo

According to the fans, the channel ABC shows positive, original, and entertaining content. ABC has a history of changing logo designs since the channel has come into existence. Its first logo design consisted of a microphone imagery and vertical acronyms of ABC inside the picture. However, this latest logo design, which was crafted by Paul Rand, in 1961, consists of a minimal approach. This 50-year-old logo design still continues to follow the ideology of sending glaring, simplistic and positive messages.


Fox Logo

Fox is one of the most credible TV channels, as described by fans. It is a Trustworthy company that provides well researched political news. The Fox symbol used in their logo design shows intelligence and cleverness. The dominating factor of blue color is to promote socialism. It gives a calming effect and shows authority and security. The use of blue and white color in their logo design have succeeded in connecting people with it and made it a credible channel in people’s sight.


TNT Logo

Another entertainment channel for adults is TNT. As described by the fans, TNT is original, forward-thinking, engaging, and an amusing channel; altogether. They have used the black color to show the power and authority of the channel. Black also indicates boldness and the use of bold letters in white together emphasizes the mature content it displays.

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel The Heart of TV

Hallmark Channel is famous among the audiences as a positive, optimistic, and trustworthy channel. The channel gives out the most energetic vibes of an iconic logo design. The black and white color combination shows the soberness. The crown symbolizes the aliveness of the channel, and the message “the heart of tv” shows the confidence the channel has on its content. Thus, all these features together have successfully captured people’s hearts.


Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon is popular among children and teens as an entertainment channel. The logo design of this channel is kept simple based on the fact that simplicity is appreciated among young ones. Moreover, the orange color denotes excitement and energy, targeting the younger gen, which is perfect for grabbing the targeted audience’s attention!

Disney Channel

Disney Channel Logo

Another popular channel among teens and kids is the Disney Channel. They promote reliable and positive content. Their logo design contains intricacy in minimal 3D effects that give the design a gradient and addictive effect, making it easy to remember and attach to. The color choice makes it look sociable and gives it a magical 3D effect.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Logo

No one can deny the fact that they have watched “Cartoon Network” in their childhood for long hours! Even today this channel successfully entertains people who used to watch cartoons twenty years back. This channel also has a rich history of logo redesigning every now and then. Every time they used to get their logo redesigned, it used to hurt the feelings of kids. However, cartoon network has always stayed with the same color combination. Even though they have experimented with the font type and alphabets. But black and white have forever stuck together. Nevertheless, they use a set of tilted cube-shape that gives a lego and block-like vibe to fascinate the targeted audience.



The ones who love sports, NBA TV is the channel for them. According to the fans, the channel promotes adventure, aggression, danger, excitement, passion, strength, and vigor!

The red color used in its logo design is clearly used for evoking intense emotions. It is used for gripping the attention of the viewers. However, to neutralize the effect, they have included blue and white as well. Blue color shows authority and is preferred by active people. And white color is offsetting the whole logo design. Moreover, they have also used a picture in their logo design to clearly indicate the primary purpose of the channel that is sports activities.


MTV Logo

Who has not heard of MTV today? It lies at the top of the list, being one of the most engaging channels of all time. The entertaining and engaging music always thrills and chills people. Their logo design goes incompliant with the name and channel’s personality. The yellow color gives happy vibes and excites people, with the black emblem showing a 3D aggression of sorts! Boldness and confidence amalgamated. Two different font types used in the logo design also signify the mixture of their content and popular programs. So, to say that the logo design which MTV has used consists of the best combination that impacts the targeted audience, is actually correct!


CNN Logo

CNN is popular among the list of informative channels. The fans describe it as trustworthy, informative, valuable, and reliable. The font used in their logo is the perfect example of professional logo designs. The channel has used a real simplistic font type and added a pinch of creativity in it.

Moreover, they have used the red color to evoke the audience’s emotions. Here the red color is used to create alertness and assertion as well. CNN has been serving as an awareness news channel for decades. Hence, the color goes with the formal alliance of the channel’s primary motive.



ESPN is airing sports for decades. They have used red color to aggravate the emotions of passion in the audience. Our eyes scan red colors in mere seconds. The designer has drafted this iconic logo design for the viewers to enrage desire and belligerence in their viewers as sports are always aggressive.

Travel Channel

Travel Channel Logo

Travel Channel is prevalent in people for showing engaging contents. They have used very simplistic features in their logo to make it look all professional and pleasant. The light shade of blue color is used for connecting people and give socializing vibes. And the little glimpse of the red color is used for seizing attention.

Food Network

Food Network Logo

As the name denotes, Food Network is all about food and content related to it. The channel consists of an iconic logo design and has a straightforward message that connects it to the audience. There are no hidden meanings. However, they have used a shimmering reddish color to capture attention within the first glance.


Color, fonts, and pictures; each of the channels consist of a separate philosophy. Each combination has a story behind it. All TV companies follow some ideologies. However, every channel must have a proper logo ideology based on its nature. Or else it will fail to capture the audience’s attention. To stay safe from any such risk, always get your logo designed by the professional logo designers. Visit Uptown Logo Design now. WE offer the best affordable logo design packages, especially on select dates and seasons!

“Your success is always in your hands. No, not in the lines of your palm! Instead, the work your hands do” – Uroosa, Logo Content Expert

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