15 Major Logo Design Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Shannon Robinson

14th September 2020

Shannon Robinson

“Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” —Saul Bass


Most of the logo designers face challenges while creating custom logo designs for their clients. These tiny designs are so extensively implanted in our minds that they reflexively trigger all kinds of associations marketing gurus want us to experience. They are the heart of a brand or product. It not only represents the product but it also conveys a message without words.


Having a logo is an integral part of making a brand successful. Custom Logo design requires significant strategy and forethought with addition to a complex mixture of designing skills, creativity, and skillful application. Attempting to create a design that successfully serves as a visual manifestation of an entire brand is a big deal. Business design serves as an important tool when it comes to promoting a company’s products or services but the logo must have a unique design with the right use of colors and elements. A well-executed business design makes a lasting positive impression on potential customers.



A logo has the ability to quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. A company needs to have a solid logo to speak and engage with customers.

A logo is a company’s first introduction to consumers. If designed well, the target audience will feel intrigued and will be interested to learn more about the company; if not, then let’s just say the brand had alienated a potential customer base and basically tanked their own business.


Every organization works tirelessly to get recognition from prospects and consumers. The custom logo design plays a crucial role in getting recognition of your business’ high-quality products and services. In addition, a design remains integral when it comes to creating a sense of professional assurance amongst consumers. A well-executed custom logo design helps to increase brand recall value.


Custom designers create such logo designs that helps in catching people’s attention easily. These logos help to grab a good market share in the long run. Further, it is important to remember that consumers associate the quality of design with the quality of your products or services. So, the logo will have a competitive edge in the market over the business rivals.

Audi successful logo design

Here are the few characteristics of a successful logo design:


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Timeless
  • Memorable
  • Looks good in one color and black and white
  • Unique and clever
  • Conceptually focused and clear
  • Culturally relevant to the target audience
  • Versatility
  • Relevancy
  • Simplicity
  • Scalability


Without further ado, Let’s dive into 15 major logo design mistakes.

1). Making it complex

Custom logo designs should be simple and effective

Custom logo designs should be simple and effective. Adding unnecessary elements can create a distraction for the audience and the design itself. Further, the addition of elements and complexity will result in the creation of a logo that delivers too many different messages to the audience. Adding too much detail can compete for the viewer’s attention.

Also, when printed in smaller sizes it will not only lose its detail but will also look like a smudge or worst.  a mistake.


“The more detail a logo has, the more complexed,  the more information viewer has to process”


Hiring best logo design services to craft a design for the brand will help to make sure that the design paradigm is not complexed, not misrepresenting the brand and mostly, not making the audience struggle to understand the message of the brand.


We understand it is tempting sometimes to create a design that shows off your skills but making the it too complex can make it fall flat.

2). Plagiarism

Copying someone else’s material is not cool

Copying someone else’s material is not cool. Now put yourself in the position of the client who pays you to create a unique custom logo for their business and the designer provides you with copied material, It is simply unethical!


“Copying others does no one favors neither the client nor the designer.”


Further, stealing the idea from other logos will not only have negative effects on the brand image but can also result in legal issues.


Best Logo design services and companies start from scratch by bringing creative ideas to the table. Unique Custom designs created by designers begin with inspirations, sketching ideas, playing with colors, and exploring fonts, researching until they find the right one.


3). Trendy logos


“Trends are temporary and make your logo a time capsule, rather than timeless.”


Trends come and go and with passing time they turn into clichés. A custom logo design should be versatile and timeless. Therefore, ignoring logo design trends is the best when you need to create a unique logo design for the client.


Think this way, almost every other business and their logos will be featuring the same idea and trend. How will your design stand apart from the sea of competitors? Trends soon go outdated and becomes useless in a matter of time and updating and creating a new design for your brand can confuse the customers.


Although, you definitely can take inspiration from trends but make sure the design has its own uniqueness and long-lasting ability. Not every trend is suitable for industries, however, there are many trends like gradient logos, minimalism, animation, a vintage theme that are good for the long run. It is important as a logo designer to evaluate and differentiate between what’s a phase and what’s here to stay before becoming trend-friendly.

4). Inflexible Logo

It is important to understand that the logo will be used in many ways, in many mediums. It should work well in print, online, and at different sizes. If the design is too complicated, otherwise, it will not render well at smaller sizes and If it’s too generic, it won’t be unique enough to grab attention.

A good logo is timeless, meaning that it will grow with your brand. A custom logo design should be created in such a way that they should be adaptable and scalable for all mediums so whenever there is a need, you can customize and use it instantly. If someone designs a logo that has a complex symbol that can’t be viewed in mobile devices like phones or tablets, it is a loss. That concept isn’t going to work because, in the long run, you will need it to fit in all types of marketing and branding materials like digital ads, social media, and whatnot.

5). Too Many Colors

Custom designers will always tell you to design your logo in black and white first then work on colors

Custom designers will always tell you to design your logo in black and white first then work on colors. That’s because if it does not work in its most basic form than it doesn’t work at all, throwing a number of colors will not help. So, when you choose colors for your design, the general rule is the lesser the better, and it should be able to convey the brand message and industry trend). Too many colors will make it look prominent but when on second glance will give the message of being crowded and noisy and very extra.

For example, British Telecom’s many logo redesigns failed. The reason was that the color palette was unsatisfying and seemed somewhat random. Even more importantly, the logo didn’t indicate, or even hint at, what BT does.

6). Embracing Clutter


“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”  Lindon Leader

While browsing the world of logo design elements to get ideas and inspirations, a designer may get attached to a palette full of colors or an entire family of fonts and that’s great. However, they don’t all belong to your logo. They could be super trendy and eye-catching, however, the rule number one for design is simplicity which creates effective logo designs. Whereas, clutter creates confusion for your audience and diverts their attention.

Aside from a tagline, there is nothing else to incorporate in the logo; don’t even think about bothering with trademark symbols like ‘™’ or copyright. Remember that if a logo is too busy and complicated, it’ll lose its track and will turn customers away.

7). Typography

Typography speaks volumes about your brands

Typography speaks volumes about your brands. It can either make or break your design. Therefore, it’s vital to know the basics of typography. Using crazy and thin fonts can create a mess. It is indeed one of the biggest mistakes logo designers make with their text is to choose the first font they see, without putting any real intention behind it. Fonts carry meaning, and the purpose of the text in the logo is to translate its meaning to customers, telling them your business is elegant and sophisticated or friendly and down-to-earth.


Custom logo designers make sure to control spacing, overusing typeface, using fonts with extremities of weight, or choosing ridiculous fonts that can ruin your custom logo design.

8). Using the Wrong File

Brands will want to put their logo everywhere once they have it, which will often mean resizing it to fit the context in which it’s found. Unfortunately, pixelated images and JPEGs aren’t going to cut it, as resizing these files will render your it illegible and useless.

A vector file, on the other hand, will allow resizing the logo as many times as the brands while preserving its quality, including when they want to print it on merchandise or business documents. Another tip is to use a vector that will the designer to edit your logo in Adobe Illustrator or other design software.

9). Forgetting the target audience

Logo is supposed to evoke the emotions of your audience, intrigue them, and get them to see you in the best positive light. Failing to consider them while creating your logo can end up with the design being flopped among the audience as it will not be able to convey and communicate the brand’s message.


Keeping the audience in mind will let you focus on the aspects that need to inputted in the logo to attract them and not chase them away.

10). Designing a Logo Yourself

Logo yourself

Unless you have design skills, you should avoid designing on your own. A better option is to hire a top logo design company and avail all its services.

To pick one of the best companies and logo design services is a necessity for your brand. A logo, as we know, is you and your business’s first point of contact with the outside world. Creating a symbol that effectively serves as a visual manifestation of an entire brand is a big deal. Therefore, you need the top logo design company, that is capable to deliver the best logo designs. Top logo companies have an energetic and professional team of designers and experts who create unique logos to attract customers to the brand.

They understand the need and importance of establishing a unique and appealing logos for business and brands.

11). Going Abstract with Your Logo

Abstract logos are cool, but they don’t work for every brand. It really depends on the industry that they are used in, and the target audience.

They need to be unique, but not confusing. If the logo is overtly abstract and takes a fair bit of time for the customer to understand then the recognizability factor of the logo will go down and we don’t want that to happen, do we?

12). Raster images are a big NO-NO

A very common mistake is the usage of raster images in logos. Raster images are made out of pixels that cannot be scaled down to any size which means large size logos would be unusable and small logos would look smudgy.

Professional logo designers and logo design services use the vector graphics instead because it allows the design to be scaled to any size, enabling them to be applied on any media. Therefore, every logo design service ensures that they use vector images so it can be easier to edit them later and not destroy the resolution.

13). Designed by amateurs 

Choosing the best company for designing and best logo design services are important. A professional business needs to look professional, therefore, hiring professional logo designers who can create custom logo designs for your brand and company is very vital.

Handing over designs to amateurs can result in disastrous outcomes. An amateur who does not possess experience or expertise can risk your brand’s reputation and If your logo looks amateurish so will your business.

14). Clean logo files

Logo design services need to make sure that the logo files are the cleanest when they are being sent to the clients. Designers should make sure that the final design they are sending has perfect smooth curves, nodes are kept minimum so that the logo is ready to upload.


15). Versatile

A logo should be versatile. It should look great regardless of the size be it on a massive billboard or small business card.

If your logo only looks good only in specific sizes then you will have issues putting it on marketing collateral like billboards, flyers, which will ultimately hamper your marketing and branding efforts.

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