10 Tips to Rank Amongst the Top Logo Designers in The World

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Shannon Robinson

14th November 2019

Shannon Robinson

A logo is the face of an organization, just as humans are identified by their face, a brand is identified by its logo. The value of a logo is much more than a beautiful picture for the clients or to gander at while they choose an item or service. It portrays the image of a entire brand; it has the power to decide how individuals are going to feel about the organization. When you see a logo, you automatically know if it’s great or not. The colors, designs, fonts everything speaks for itself, telling the story about its success or failure. Logo designing is an art; just like in painting, a painter knows the best use of colors; similarly, a logo designer knows when and how to use certain features. A well-skilled logo designer knows his audience and always designs accordingly.

To stand out in a profession, an individual must be creative, innovative, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and must have strong will power. Today’s top logo designers were yesterday’s novices but they did not give up. If sky is the limit, then the universe will seem unachievable from the get-go! Making consistency a part of your personality is the way forward. The most successful logo designers like Ruth Kedar: designer of Google’s logo, Carolyn Davidson: the designer of Nike’s logo, and Paul Rand: designer of the logo of IBM; the ABC logo, The YALE University Press logo, and many more. All these world-famous designers, including several more, have failed in their career, too, but failure is just another step towards success.

Each of us crave to be successful in our profession. To some people, success is served in a plate, while others have to earn it; either way, if you love to do something, and you really want to make most out of it, then the only way is never to give up. It is not easy to rank amongst the top Logo Designers, but we are here to help you out. Read 10 tips for designing the best logo design, which will stand out and tell your story of success.

  • Keep It Simple

Do not over complicate. A fact which all of us already know is that anything which is overly done, loses its feel. To make your logo easily recognizable, make it simple: this is one of the lightning-fast technique to make users notice and remember your brand. A complicated logo is not only challenging to reproduce and maintain; instead, it also fails to engage its audience.

Top Logo Design

. Make it Distinctive

The successful logo designers do not just offer affordable and professional logo design services; they know very well that for a logo to stand out, it must set itself apart. To make a brand distinctive, make sure it does not look like its competitors, remember that uniqueness attracts people, if your logo will have a unique feature its more likely to grab the audience’s attention.

It may seem pretty challenging to find a way for standing out amongst the competition, but without a distinctive logo design, your potential clients and customers will have a hard time recognizing your brand. They may confuse your brand with another company Which in turn can lead them towards choosing your competitors` brand. While designing a logo, ask yourself, is this logo unique enough? Is it easily distinguishable from other brands? If yes, then it’s ready to go.

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  • Make it Versatile

Design your logo for various occasions, not just for one size or medium. Before designing a logo, ask yourself if this logo will be effective as a letterhead as well as on a billboard, or will it work in full color other than black and white?

A great logo necessitates that it can be printed on different sizes, in various applications, and across different mediums, without losing its power. Graphics have to be versatile enough so that they can be used at different mediums, a good logo has to work well on the web, in print ads, on letterhead, and in videos.

Good graphic designers are aware of the fact that something which looks great in a site banner may not work on a brochure or vice versa, thus, when designing the logo on the logo board, Professional Logo Designers consider even the nuances as minute as designing the logo in black and white or simple color scheme, to be very crucial and alluring for the audience.

  • Keep it Appropriate

It is a no brainer that an effective logo must be appropriate too, but that doesn’t mean it has to be as obvious. For instance, “McDonald’s could have gone with a juicy burger next to its name, rather they took the first initial ‘M’ and created an icon which was both simple and visually pleasing to look at as an asymmetrical element,” says Patrick Winfield.

However, it’s your choice to follow the example of McDonald’s or its competitor Burger King – who puts logo design, the main point is that your logo must be appropriate for your brand. Check if the logo communicates the right tone and style? Or does it hint about the type of business or product it’s representing? Yes or no, you know what to do.

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  • Be Targeted

As mentioned above, remembering your audience is the key. To stay focused in your designing, keep the targeted audience in your mind. Whatever your industry is, remember that your logo needs to be able to connect with the people you are marketing to. “To speak with your target audience is the most important feature of a logo,” says Christopher Wallace of Design Festival.

It is not crucial to have an image of a toy in your logo or inscribe the word TOYS in the logo if you run a children’s toy store. Rather the more important feature is to use a color scheme or font that is childlike and appeals to kids. Choosing the right colors always attracts the audience. Hence, it is very important to know your desired audience in terms of age, gender, tastes, etc., in order to attract the right group of people.

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  • Be Memorable

Leave an impression in order to be memorable. It may seem complex to design a logo that is memorable, but Angie Bowen of Fuel Your Creativity says,

“A great logo will remain memorable enough that a person who has only seen the logo once should still be able to recall it enough to describe the logo to someone else. This is not the easiest of qualities to impart, but it is certainly a high ranking one so make sure your designs stay in their minds.”

  • Make it Iconic

A professional logo designer does not just design to earn, he knows how to bring creativity and design a nuanced imagery, and so does he create something that is a great icon for an organization. An iconic logo has the power to evoke emotions of its customers, that is how a good logo attracts audience and makes potential customers

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  • Be Reflective

Effective and powerful logos always point back to their organization’s If an icon is conservative, it will reflect a conservative organization. A professional logo design would reflect the company’s professionalism simultaneously. Try whichever icon you like, just remember that the image must reflect the real persona of the brand.

  • Make it Timeless

Being trendy is good, but being timeless is even better! Trends come and go with time, but a logo is not like a pair of shoes that one changes every now and then. Take the example of the Evergreen, or should we say “Ever-Red” logo of Coca-Cola logo like Coca-Cola. A good logo designer aims for longevity; thus, the next time you design a logo, remember that it is there to stay.

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  • Make it Strong

Last but not least, a successful and well-experienced designer has learned that a great logo is the one that can make a strong impression, even if it is made of just one color. While designing a logo do not rush to make changes with your design just because you have not got the reception you initially expected. A strong logo is designed with patience, and it only requires simplicity. Do not forget if a logo is strong enough it can grab consumer’s attention even when it is in black and white; an active icon can stand out without a color.

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In the End

Now you know the main elements of designing a powerful and effective logo. Remember, these tips can show you the way to success. Always remember, the main power resides within you, genuine effort is needed to be done from your side, then only the results will create history. Be true and consistent. This is the hallmark that will lead you amongst the best logo designers in the world.

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