10 Leading Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing A Logo Design in 2021

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Cynthia Moreno

17th August 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Businesses are always looking for innovative marketing tactics to stay ahead of their counterparts.  However, they fail to realize that the most powerful marketing tool that is capable of changing their game 180 degrees is a logo design!

Regardless of its small size, a logo plays a significant role in the success of a business.

Without a well-crafted logo, a business is meaningless just like a product lying on a shelf in a supermarket – which everybody sees but hardly notices.

A logo design is the first introduction to your business. It depicts all the values a brand possesses and should, therefore, be extraordinary!

With the number of businesses increasing each day, attracting masses and forming a broad customer base has become quite daunting. One mistake, and you will scare them away to your competitors.

Therefore, businesses need to be extra vigilant at every step, especially when designing their logos. A minor error can shift your brand image from being appealing to appalling.

In this blog, we will be conferring ten leading factors that may influence the logo design trends in 2021. The trends will enlighten you about what’s been going on in the design industry and will continue to exist in the next year.

Read till the end to design an incredible and an iconic logo for your business!


We all have our unique struggles to deal with. The same is the case with businesses. The different challenges and struggles a business go through are what make them unique.

Have you ever wondered how custom logos are made? The businesses take a quick trip down the memory lane, pick out the best aspects from their history, and use them to create a customized logo design. This technique not only communicates your business story to the people but also allows them to remember your brand.

So, the first factor to keep in mind when crafting your logo design is to ensure that it entails and represents your business history in a unique yet captivating manner. Take Mc Donald’s logo, for instance; the golden arches reminds the people of the original architecture of the restaurant – making the design unique and memorable.


Colors have the power to impact human emotions.

The correct usage of colors can evoke brand association and are even capable of increasing its recognition to up to 80%. Be it red, blue, yellow, or any color; each color communicates different meanings and implications based on how they are represented.

What color best defines your brand personality? What is the emotion you want to derive out of your prospects when they first see your brand’s logo? Are you planning to run a food chain? If so, red is the color you should go for as it increases our heart rate and increases our appetite as a result.

The color of a logo plays an extremely significant role in how you want your brand to be perceived. Do you want the best logo design for your business? Then calmly analyze this factor as it can either make or break your brand. Imagine coca cola’s logo in purple color or Mercedes Benz’s logo in Orange color. Would these colors have brought the same impacts? We hope you get the picture.

3. “Keep It Simple Stupid”

Simple logos often prove to be more effective than complex ones. Why? Because simple logo designs are easy rather pleasing to the eyes.

Before designing your logo, it is essential to evaluate and decide whether your business should go for a simple logo that follows the minimalistic principle or a complex one with detailed intricacies.

Once you are done with that, get your hands on the affordable logo design packages online, communicate your values to the designers and let the professionals roll their magic.


Your logo design must be versatile. It should maintain its essence on all mediums. Before finalizing, it is always recommended to test your design on various mediums. A logo on a business card must not look different from the one shown on a website.

Some agencies do offer to craft cheap logo designs; however, they fail to address essential things such as testing out the final logo design on various platforms. Since there is a significant difference between digital and print-based platforms, ask the designers to test out the appearance of your logo design on websites, smartphones, business cards, flyers, and other marketing collateral.

A great logo design must nail every format it is displayed on, be it digital, printed, or even as an application or an icon.


Another factor that businesses should keep in mind before opting for their logo design is typography. The selection of text plays a vital role in communicating the right message.

You must ensure that your selected font compliments your logo design. Failure to do can lead to your brand’s message being misunderstood or miscommunicated.

To create a more professional logo design, consider using no more than two fonts, and avoid using generic font styles such as TimeNewRoman – that will make your overall design look ordinary and amateur.


The logo is the first thing noticed by your potential prospects. If it fails to impress them, they may never bother discovering what you have got in store for them.

Picking out free, general template designs may save you the cost, but will not derive the desired results. Amongst the fierce competition, your brand should stand out. Having a visually appealing logo design will help you achieve just that.

Visual appeal and consistency go hand in hand. Don’t give too much attention to appeal that you lose consistency in the process. When your logo gets noticed by people, they form a certain expectation from your brand.

Decide what expectations you want your prospects to make from your brand, browse through the logo design packages online, and choose your logo accordingly.


Taking inspiration motivates an individual to do better. Browse through related business logos, and carefully observe what specific elements make them unique. Combine those elements with your brand’s ideology and communicate them to the designers, so you get a fantastic logo of your own.

These inspirations will provide you useful insights on the changing customer needs and also enlighten you about what’s new in the design industry. This will not only help you in creating a unique logo but will also enable you to anticipate logo design trends 2021.


The selection of the right and relevant colors does play a significant role in the creation of effective logo design. However, there exist many channels in which you need to print your logo without any colors.

Take the newspaper, for instance, if the colors are removed from your logo design, will it still communicate your brand’s message? To ensure that, ask your designers to create a logo such that it aces both on colorless and colorful platforms.


Even though the incorporation of animated elements makes the overall logo interesting, it is not always necessary to use it. Assess and evaluate whether your logo design needs it.

You may not need them in the beginning, or even later – that entirely depends on the type of industry you operate in.

Its good to experiment with effects and see whether they enhance your design, but don’t forget simplicity is the best policy.



Logo designers often incorporate trending patterns, colors, typography into their designs to impress their clients. This shouldn’t be done.

Trends keep on changing and rarely last for a long time. Imagine you design your logo based on the latest trends. After the trend changes, you may want to revamp your logo design to stay up to date.

Being a business owner, you must keep this factor in mind that trends come and go and that you should never design your logo according to that. Try to craft a contemporary logo design that lasts for a decade or so. You can always make minimal changes to stay fresh and new in the market.


A logo can make or break your business. Overlooking its significance can come to haunt you in the future. The best method to get it right is to follow the best practices mentioned above.

However, if you believe you aren’t adept enough to be designing logos on your own, then hire us! We can ace all the elements you want, plus we can do it for a price you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t believe us? Check out our packages. You`ll be surprised with what we have to offer at a mere pittance!

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