10 Key Elements to Look for in An Agency Before Finalizing A Logo Design Package

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Shannon Robinson

2nd December 2020

Shannon Robinson

Looking for the perfect logo design?


When you decide to get the perfect captivating logo design for your brand, ensure that your emblem showcases unique features to help it stand out. Competitive businesses understand the prominence of compelling logo designs and the positive impression they create on the customers. They know that logos attract customers towards the brand, which helps them sell their products and services.

To develop a logo design for your business, there are a plethora of logo design agencies out there. Choosing the best one out of them can become overwhelming. Let’s discuss some possibilities that can make your logo designing decision easier.

This no-frills guide will point out the key elements you need in an agency before finalizing a logo design package. So,

What are the 10 essential elements to look for in an agency


To get a clear understanding of these elements, you need to be asking the right questions.

1.     How does their portfolio look?


Affordable logo design packages

A versatile portfolio consisting of various designs is the first thing you should look for before selecting a logo design agency.

Every logo design agency will tell you that they are the best in business. But how do you know if that’s true or not? The only way to verify this claim is by looking at their work.

A portfolio is the concrete evidence of an agency’s expertise.

It makes it easier for the agencies to define what you can expect from them in your logo design package.

To determine whether the logo design agency’s expertise aligns with your business needs, you can browse through their portfolio. At times, different agencies also tend to focus on specific types of businesses as per their proficiency. This can become a plus point for your business needs as the designing firm will always work on your project creatively.

2.     Can they improve your brand’s reputation?


Logo Design package

Other than having expertise in the industry, the agency must be renowned for their unique designs. Remember, you are looking for an agency that can generate visuals that improve your business’s outlook. For instance, it should be able to design the “right” logo for creating the “accurate” brand impression on your customers.

Do not consider any random firm that demonstrates a great deal of skill in a particular niche; yet fails to differentiate your business from your competitor. Meaning, you can’t risk having a basic logo design in your niche. That just won’t work. You need a firm that works wonders!

3.     Do they consistently communicate?


Communication can be in various forms, such as updates, check-ins, calls, texts, etc. It must sound proactive, creative and consistent across all media platforms of your choosing.

Agencies should demonstrate their ability to communicate over a longer period of time with consistency. The very first thing they must communicate to you is how your logo design package will be handled in both the short term and long term.

More importantly, an agency should be able to pitch themselves in such a manner that they feel like an extension to your team rather than outsiders.

4.     What is their Logo Designing Process?


Remember, successful campaigns are dependent on tested methods structured to craft compelling messages that authenticate your brand logo. Without a clear-cut process, how do you expect an agency to deliver?

The design firm should be able to repeat the process they used to develop their previously successful logo design packages. Additionally, if the agency researches current trends, they’ll know what’s “in” or trending. They will differentiate you from the competition. How? By making you stand out with a distinct brand logo

Avoid hiring an agency that does “exactly” what you tell them. On the contrary, ask them what they can do differently? A strong and effective way to go about the project is thorough research. It can help the agency find new ways for “not failing” your logo design.

The process initially starts with a basic concept of a logo, and then the agency keeps improving it further and further until the logo “clicks.”

An agency’s successful work is like successfully solving a math problem the second time; if the agency you choose is able repeat its successful work, they know what they are doing.

5.     How do they measure success in numbers?


Agencies should feel proud of showing off their success. For you, this is an example of their expertise. Ask them to elaborate on the expertise, look for analytical reports, data metrics etc.

Ask the designing company about how much return you’ll earn on an investment. We’re talking numbers! Are their created logos successful? Knowing factual information such as this can help you gain a much more comprehensive insight before hiring the company.

Think about the bigger picture, the longer league. Be clear and precise on what returns you expect from your investment. Eliminate the lowest bidding design company unless they present something considerable.

You can safely refuse agencies that focus on metrics that are irrelevant to your business needs.

6.     What is the cost vs. return?


Logo design packages

Agencies with their logo designs can indirectly play a role in a brand’s success, so why not go with the one that yields the best returns?

When choosing an agency for your logo design package, one crucial thing to consider is the cost and return factor. The firm’s pricing is an indicator of what you can expect in their services. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Agencies that are budget-minded will value your business differently. They will understand your business needs and manage their expertise accordingly.

Remember, rebranding is always more expensive, which is why you should get a logo design right in the first place. Agencies that craft compelling logos through a systematic process and adjust the services according to your budget can prove to be more successful in the long run. However, do not let cost be the only influencer of your decision.

7.     Do they deliver their projects timely?


The project’s length can change depending on various factors, such as the amount of logos you want or the level of quality you seek. Before finalizing your logo design package, it is crucial to specify a schedule.

Clearly describe your timeline to the agency. Ensure that they can deliver your logo designs on schedule. It is also important to note that a logo is one of the essential parts of your business.

What you have to do is be logical when setting your schedule with the agency. Give them ample time to complete the project.

Remember, you do not want a logo design that is developed within a day. It’s because a logo is not like some drive-thru fast food. It matters for your business; it will be the face of your brand. Let it take its sweet time to reap the glorious results.

8.     What is their Money Back Policy?


Moneyback policy is more of a contingency plan if things go south with your logo design package. Who knows, you might end up dissatisfied with your brand logo in the end.

What happens then?

Before finalizing an agency, read through their money back policy first hand. Ask if you can get refunds or compensations. It should become your common practice to read the terms of service before proceeding with the contract.

Considering how important a logo design is for your business, you should be getting every penny’s worth. Hiring a logo design agency is all about creating value for your business. So, make sure you earn it.

9.     Have you clearly described what you want?


Even after your logo designing project is completed, the agency you chose must also provide their services to keep the design updated. So, tell the agency what you expect from the logo design package now and in the future.

Be thorough with every minor intricacy. Let the agency know what your company stands for, what it does. Tell them what you require from a logo or what your brand message will be. Are there any logos in their portfolio that pique your interest? Tell them everything should be known.

The agency designers must know all these details because this is the information, they will need to develop an impactful logo that matches your business needs.

10.      Do they provide any additional services?


Uptownlogodesign - Best Online Logo Design Services


It does not seem important while looking for logo design agencies; however, it can turn out to be pretty useful for you.

Businesses today want a competitive advantage. Agencies that provide extra services can help you get the much-needed “edge.” Imagine the costs you will have to bear for services such as graphic designing, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

Design companies can do all that for your business, making them a one-stop-shop for more than just your logo designing needs. You are essentially getting extra services on top of your professional logo.

Especially if you’re a new business owner or a startup, this can save you tremendous amounts of extra costs. Imagine that!

Let’s also get this out of the way. It doesn’t always mean that an affordable design will also be of low quality. Looking at some of the online, you can see how many competitive agencies maintain a high-quality standard.

There’s also one more important topic you should know about. “The importance of hiring an agency.” and why you should hire them.  So, let’s briefly discuss it.

Why is choosing an agency important for your business logo?

Listed below are a few pointers that make design firms a worthy consideration.

 Professional teams

Agencies have resources to spare. When you choose a design firm, you will be dealing with a group of experienced people that have already worked for other companies. These specialists possess a wide array of skills such as graphic designing, web development, content writing etc. Diverse benefit your design. How? By presenting different ideas to go about your design.

Project Management

If you’re not much for managing projects yourself, it’s a common practice to hire someone to do all that for you. Agencies have their own management. They have variable working hours, which can ensure that there is always someone working on your project. Logo design agencies must also stay competitive in the business market by completing projects and creating a strong profile for themselves too.

Quality guaranteed

An agency also has a reputation to uphold because businesses highly regard them. This means that going with a professional agency is more of a guarantee that your work will be completed with a touch of quality.

Use of latest technologies

Logo designing companies also invest in research. This can act as a benefit for your business. Agencies tend to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and new technologies. Furthermore, with logo designing firms, you can track the progress of your project.



Remember that choosing a logo design agency is a vital step for your business’s branding. A logo is not just a mere image but a graphic that evokes certain emotions and resonates with your company. Creating such an emblem will require a great deal of serious thought, ingenuity and hard work.

In the end, if it’s all done right, it will feel quite rewarding!


What do you look for in a logo designing agency?

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