10 Iconic Logo Designs and Their Awe-Inspiring Stories

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Cynthia Moreno

18th July 2020

Cynthia Moreno

We see the iconic logo designs of our favorite brands countless times without realizing the meaning and the history they hold. How well do we know the brands that we love the most?

Logos are born out of necessity, but crafted with great artistry and ingenuity that sometimes breaks all boundaries of imagination.Some of the world’s top brands take the front seat when it comes to creating custom logo designs that exude dignity and a sense of luxury backed by brilliant background stories.

In this blog, we turn our eye to some iconic logo designs inspired by their origin, personal affiliations, industry focus, and with the brand itself.

While some iconic logo designs explicitly showcase their brand message and identity, most hideaway a few aspects that many people don’t even notice it. So, what do different emblems mean? What are their backstories, and what did the professional logo designers aim at when they crafted these designs? Read on to find out.

1. Amazon

Amazon has quite an illustrious history, to begin with

From starting as an online book store to driving a plethora of technologies, Amazon has quite an illustrious history, to begin with. The company is recognized as more than just an e-store. It is home to innovative technologies, fostering an assortment of products beyond imagination.

For such a renowned brand, the iconic logo design is exactly what you would expect. The Amazon emblem not only breezes through its origin but also hints into what the company offers. One good look at the iconic logo design, and you will notice the symbolism tied with it vividly.

The orange arrow ingeniously points from the letter “A” to the letter “Z,” showing that the business sells almost every product you can name in the entire alphabet.

You might think that’s all the symbolism there is, but boy, do we have news for you!

That arrow is more than just a decorative swish. It subtly represents everything the company stands for and offers to its audience.

Besides the product variety, the arrow also depicts a smile with a dimple on the right to evoke happiness. It naturally represents that the company is friendly and trustworthy and will leave you smiling and content after every purchase.

Least to say, that is precisely what the consumers seek when shopping online – Amazon’s custom logo design cleverly promises it all in just one look.

2. Walt Disney

A brand that is a favorite among children and adults alike

A brand that is a favorite among children and adults alike, Walt Disney is undoubtedly the leading brand that breathes influence in the shape of impressively idiosyncratic personal touch.

A company that draws on magic and miracles deserves to be portrayed by an emblem that perfectly depicts the magical realms we all grew up enjoying. Luckily, we are not the only ones to believe that.

The professional logo designer of the Walt Disney company felt the same and therefore captured the enchanting essence of the animated world in an iconic logo design that we know of today.

What fits perfectly than the curvy, loopy signature paired with Cinderella’s Castle? Absolutely Nothing!

The breathtaking castle that we know from the widely recognized iconic logo design is inspired by a real location, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. However, later the castle was replaced with the drawing of the France-based Chateau D’usse.

The reason the Walt Disney design is so popular and recognized is simple. It revives the deeply infused childhood dreams, making the audience believe in the promises of a magical land. To further strengthen this profound connection with its audiences, the company uses a stylized version of Walt’s very own signature, perfectly embodying his magical vision of an evolving fantasy world.

3. FedEx

FedEx also incorporates its brand promise in its design

Like Amazon, FedEx also incorporates its brand promise in its design. The emblem subliminally represents the company’s promise of speed, accuracy, movement, and precision.

Wondering how? Take a closer look!

If you carefully assess the custom logo design, you will notice the white arrow the professional logo designer hid between the second “E” and “x.” The arrow is the perfect depiction of swiftness and movement for a logistics and delivery brand. But that is not it.

The emblem also uses precise set colors to portray the company image. While the use of purple for “Fed” never ceases to change, the “Ex” part of the emblem has seen a variety of shades and hues. The colors change based on different products and services that the company offers to its clientele.

Therefore, the company not only portrays its brand promise through the design but also cleverly incorporates color symbolism to reflect their values.

4. Apple

Apple Company

Apple is known to be a revolutionary brand that drastically changed the world of technology and innovation. Much like the brand, the iconic logo design that we know today has been derived from numerous changes and variations.

Starting from anemblem showing Newton sitting beneath a tree with the apple hanging from it, set to drop, the emblem was not simple enough. The company saw that too and quickly simplified the custom logo design to an apple alone. For over 20 years after the change, the company was depicted by a colorful apple showcasing their color display computers.

While the symbol represented the brand’s products impeccably, Apple saw the need to streamline the logo further, and thus the logo evolved. From rainbow to chrome, to the flat version the world recognizes today, the emblem flawlessly signifies sleekness and sophistication as the products that the brand sells.

So, what does the bite mean?

Many believe that the ‘bite’ actually is a pun on the word “byte,” while some believe that it is a metaphor representing the bite of knowledge the user gets from using Apple’s products. Either way, it is a witty, sleek, and fun way to signify the brand.

5. LG

In the list of clever custom logo designs with brand promises hiding in plain sight, LG is a prominent contender

In the list of clever iconic logo designs with brand promises hiding in plain sight, LG is a prominent contender. Hiding subliminal messages, graphical elements, and meaningful symbols in the design make an emblem more fun and exciting. So, if you, too, want to make a significant visual impact on your audience using a symbol, start taking notes!

Much like the brand’s slogan, “Life’s Good,” the design speaks nothing but smiles and happiness. No, literally.

What do you see when you look at LG’s iconic logo design? A big happy smiley face!

Unlike the hidden arrow in the FedEx design, the LG’s emblem is well-thought, perceptive, and nothing but undeniably clever. It brings the brand’s slogan to life and evokes a feeling of joy and happiness.

Moreover, the professional logo designer used both “L” and “G” within the design, where G is shaped like an on-button. Least to say, the symbol fits perfectly for an electronic company that endorses a jubilant life, values endurance, and radiateswith a futuristic appeal.

6. Lacoste

Lacoste enjoys the most striking and conspicuous fauna logo found across the fashion world

Lacoste enjoys the most striking and conspicuous fauna logo found across the fashion world. A high-end French clothing company known for its polo shirts with a reptilian logo begs the question of why choose a crocodile to signify the brand?

Founded by star tennis players Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier, the story behind Lacoste’s design is quite fascinating. The crocodile represents Rene’s nickname, “The Alligator.”

The story is short and simple. Lacoste bet against the captain of the French Davis Cup team, and the winning prize was an alligator skin suitcase. Although he lost the bet, Lacoste did win the nickname. Soon after, Lacoste was referred to as “the Alligator” by the public and the American Press.

Much like the press, Lacoste adored his nickname so much so, that he embroidered a crocodile on his court blazer. Later on, when he founded Lacoste clothing, the crocodile became the custom logo designof his brand as well.

7. National Geographic

National Geographic holds on tight to its roots as it signifies its origins through the iconic logo design we see today

National Geographic holds on tight to its roots as it signifies its origins through the iconic logo design we see today. For those of you who have always speculated why the brand decided to add a random yellow rectangle to its design, think no more.

Before becoming a globally recognized American subscription channel for geography, archaeology, natural science, environmental and historical conservation, and the study of the world and different cultures, National Geographic was initiated as a magazine.

The professional logo designer, keeping the history in mind, used the rectangle to represent a photo frame. Thus, hinting at the brand’s original identity. The emblem came into being as a result of rigorous research and extensive consumer reviews.  The yellow rectangle now represents the brand’s identity and generates brand recognition like no other.

8. Tour de France

The most prestigious cycling event ever known

The most prestigious cycling event ever known, the Le Tour de France’s emblem lives up to the high standards the brand maintains. Although Tour’s branding has undergone several changes and modifications since its conception in 1903, the iconic logo design has remained unchanged for the past 18 years.

Designed by French designer Joel Guenon, The Le Tour de France emblem radiates with a Gallic feel, with playful brush script and a splash of yellow. The well-thought emblem forms a typographic sketch of a cyclist portrayed by the “O” and “R” within the word ‘Tour.’

Adding the cyclist bit in the symbol cleverly reflects on the brand’s identity, but that is not the only artistic part of the design we love. The professional logo designer kept in mind a few other details pertaining to the brand and incorporated them into the design as well.

The splash of yellow in the form of a circle represents the sun as well, hinting at the fact that the events of the race take place during daytime only. Moreover, it also reflects the famous yellow jersey awarded to the winner of each stage. Now, if that isn’t clever, we don’t know what is!

9. Mercedes-Benz

The emblem of Mercedes-Benz is everything that a professional and creative symbol should be

The emblem of Mercedes-Benz is everything that a professional and creative symbol should be. While most automotive companies rebrand their identities over time to evolve with the trends and drifts, Mercedes-Benz remained true to its origin.

The central element of the emblem, the star, remains the most priceless and recognized symbol of all time. With decades of brand awareness, Mercedes advertises its emblem taking advantage of global recognition.

The professional logo designer used the three pongs to globally reflect on the three segments of the automotive industry the company caters to, i.e., air, land, and sea. The meaningful symbol paired with the right colors and typeface portrays the brand as elegant, dependable, and sophisticated.

10. Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins rebranded in 2005 as part of its 60th-anniversary celebration

Baskin-Robbins rebranded in 2005 as part of its 60th-anniversary celebration. The new brand identity captures the essence of the brand in a fun and energetic way—the blue and pink radiate with a soft and sweet aura, much like the product they sell.

The custom logo design for Baskin Robbins has always shown the number “31” hinting at the scoop of ice-cream flavors. The company believes that its patrons should explore a new flavor every day of the month, thus focusing on 31 different flavors.

In their new emblem, the 31 is formed by the pink of “B” and “R” of Baskin-Robbins.The colored letters of the two initials symbolize two things: the long list of delicious flavors and their iconic pink spoons.

To Conclude…

The true mark of an iconic logo design, among several factors, is that it withstands the test of time and comes out stronger than before. A professional logo designer wins the game when he crafts a design that sustains the changing trends, competition, and the ever changing consumer perceptions.

A custom logo design backed with history and origin not only makes it witty and smart, but the audience relates to it quickly. Creating brand recognition is the primary goal, and it can be achieved if companies start focusing on the meaningful representation of their brand identities before anything else.

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